These 3 Zodiac Signs Are The Biggest Flirts, According To Astrologers

They’re not afraid to make eyes from across the room.

Zodiac signs that are the biggest flirts

Flirting is a talent that everyone can master, but there are some people who can go from friendly to flirty at the drop of a hat. If you’re the friend that’s always leaving your number for the waiter after dinner or making eyes at stubborn bouncers who won’t let your squad in the club, you’ve probably chopped up your flirty ways to your extroverted personality in the past. But it could also have something to do with your zodiac sign, especially if you’re one of these three fire and air signs, according to astrologers Annabel Gat and Ms. Charlotte.

Gat explains that air and fire signs are ruled by positive polarity, which is all about action. Though the signs that belong to the positive polarity aren’t automatically more flirtatious than others, they are more willing to be loud and proud about their feelings towards another person, which can earn them the label of “flirt” pretty quickly. “Fire and Air are more likely to tell you they have a crush, while the Earth and Water signs are more likely to show you, perhaps by gently touching your arm while you talk,” says Gat.

Of course, there are plenty of factors at play beyond a person’s zodiac sign when it comes to being flirty, such as their personality and even their environment. But considering Gat and Ms. Charlotte shared the same views about the signs that are the biggest flirts, these signs might be more inclined to give a compliment or sweet smile to the next person that catches their eye.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, aka the Roman God of communication, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see Geminis kick off this list. Ms. Charlotte describes Geminis as “fast thinkers and even faster talkers,” which explains their “talent for banter.” Though they might flirt with everyone in the room (including you), don’t ne quick to take it to heart. “Flirtation is more of a reflex than it is an act of intention, for they enjoy the company of people who can stimulate their mind... A Gemini can befriend and make small talk with just about anyone, so flirtation is almost like a challenge to see if someone is cerebrally compatible enough for them to pursue seriously,” says Ms. Charlotte.

Gat echoes these sentiments, calling them “one of the chattiest signs of the zodiac.” So if you’ve been courted by too many Geminis to count, this could be why.

Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)

If you know anything about Libra, you know the sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. This makes Libras naturally attractive, so much so that they’re arguably “the most beautiful of the zodiac,” according to Ms. Charlotte. Their good looks may draw people in, but it’s their personality that makes them an undeniable flirt. “Librans love people so an intense flirtatious exchange is just another forgettable Tuesday for them,” says Ms. Charlotte. “Librans are social butterflies who can make anyone and everyone fall in love with them.”

Libras tend to live in the moment, so if the conversation turns flirty, they’re not afraid to give it right back to you. “For a Libra, flirtation is less about sex and more about enjoying whoever is around them; they are here for a good time, not a long time,” Ms. Charlotte explains.

What makes Libras one of the flirtiest signs of all, though, is the fact that the flirtatious fun never really ends. “They also love to keep the flirtation stage of a relationship going as long as possible. If you want to spend your life with a Libra, you need to know how to keep the flirtation alive,” shares Gat.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

If you ever find yourself flirting with a Sagittarius, try to hold off on picturing your future together until you know it’s the real deal. According to Ms. Charlotte, Sagittarians “don’t have an ‘end game’ as they only look for beginnings, which is why their love lives seem so aimless and experimental.” The fire sign uses flirting as a way to “explore, discover, uncover, and anticipate all romantic and sexual possibilities, even if it gets them into trouble,” so it’s easy to get caught up in their flirty ways.

Gat explains that, as one of the most “audacious flirters” of the zodiac, Sagittarians are likely to make you blush — and they’re not afraid to be blunt, either.


Annabel Gat, author of The Astrology of Love & Sex

Ms. Charlotte, astrologer