6 Zodiac Signs That’ll Have The Luckiest August

The vibes are good.

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Between Jupiter retrograde bestowing abundance to the collective and Leo season boosting our confidence, it seems like there's plenty of luck to go around. August is full of cosmic fortune, with an empowering Aquarius full moon and messenger Mercury moving into confident Leo.

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What's more, the Lion's gate portal, an extremely lucky and powerful transit, arrives on Aug. 8, fulfilling manifestations and bestowing luck to the collective. There's no shortage of auspicious vibes this month for the zodiac signs who will have the luckiest August.

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Aries Zodiac Signs

You've been going through transformations lately, especially with Chiron's retrograde in July. These huge revelations will come full circle on Aug. 29, when the north node in Taurus helps you put an end to self-criticism and other negative thought patterns.

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Taurus Zodiac Signs

On Aug. 1, a triple conjunction between passionate Mars, rebel Uranus, and the north node of destiny moves into your first house of self, helping you create boundaries and be assertive. Expect a rush of creative inspiration as you enter Virgo season on Aug. 22.

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Cancer Zodiac Signs

The cosmos are supporting your passions this month. Lucky Jupiter and intense Mars are joining forces in August, inspiring your creative endeavors. What's more, an auspicious conjunction between the sun and flirty Venus is blessing your finances and self-worth.

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Leo Zodiac Signs

Leo season has empowered your confidence, and the good vibes show no signs of slowing down this month. With Venus, the planet of money, ingressing into your sign on Aug. 11, the cosmos are endowing financial abundance. Keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities!

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Virgo Zodiac Signs

This month is all about empowerment and self-improvement. Messenger Mercury enters your home sign on Aug. 4, giving you a sense of stability and courage to speak your mind. Expect the self-assured vibes to carry on as the sun shifts into your season on Aug. 22.

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Capricorn Zodiac Signs

There here may be a few hiccups this month, but a conjunction between passionate Mars, shocking Uranus, and the north node of fate on Aug. 1 will shift your perspective in massive ways. Aug. 12 brings the potential for steamy romance — open your heart.

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