21 Super Bowl Zoom Backgrounds No Matter Who You're Rooting For This Year

Team Snack Spread included.

21 Zoom Backgrounds For Super Bowl Parties
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Are you ready for some (socially distanced and heavily sanitized) football? Whether you’re having a Zoom Super Bowl party for the Super Bowl snacks, the Super Bowl Commercials, or the actual sports, there is one thing that unites us all: finding the perfect Zoom background for your Super Bowl party.

By now, you’re likely a Zoom party pro. As we come up on a year since U.S. lockdowns started, we’ve all become more than familiar with working from home, having happy hours from home, and hosting holiday parties from home. This year’s Super Bowl LV will follow suit for many football fans across the country who aren’t able to gather masked and safely outside. Fortunately, throwing a Zoom Super Bowl party is about as simple as sending out a Zoom link.

Once you’ve lined up your guest list, your various chips and dips, a wide array of cheeses, and how you’ll watch the big game, it’s time to find the Zoom background that speaks to your Super Bowl soul. Regardless of whether you're Team KC, Team Tom Brady, or Team Guacamole, one thing to keep in mind is you'll want to use an image that's roughly 1,920 pixels by 1,080 pixels for the best quality background. From there, the internet is your Zoom background oyster. If you need a place to kick off, here are 21 virtual Zoom backgrounds to use for your 2021 Super Bowl parties.

1. Any Photo From The Chiefs' Production Shoot

Can't imagine picking just one of this pics? Switch up your background throughout the game.

2. Tom Brady Shrugging

It works whether the Buccaneers do something good, bad, or just... very Tom Brady.

3. Quick Phone Call

Gotta take this — it's a championship ring calling.

4. All Confetti Everything

At Zoom parties, there are no penalties for excessive celebration.

5. If You're Just There So You Don't Get Fined

Don't care about either team? Take a note from Marshawn Lynch and make it clear that you're just there so you don't get fined (...or miss any Super Bowl memes).

6. Lady Gaga Jumping

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The greatest display of athleticism at any Super Bowl game ever.

7. #1 Chiefs Fan Paul Rudd

Jamie Squire/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Hey. Look at us. Who woulda thought?

8. Empty Stadium Seats

Jason Miller/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Just you and this one lone Steelers fan, chilling.

9. Show Some Buccaneers Love

The NFL has free virtual backgrounds that make for perfect Super Bowl party backdrops.

10. Rep Arrowhead Stadium

The free downloadable Chiefs wallpapers from the team's official site also double as great Zoom backgrounds.

11. This Picture Of Beyonce From the 2004 Super Bowl

MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images/MediaNews Group/Getty Images

A perfect photo doesn't exi—

12. Put Yourself In The Game

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

No plane ticket required.

13. A Big Ol' Plate Of Nachos

EasyBuy4u/E+/Getty Images

Become one with the snack table.

14. All The Snacks

Karen M. Romanko/Photodisc/Getty Images


15. Puppy Bowl!!!

The Puppy Bowl is the real MVP.

16. If You Want To Be That Person


Yes, OK, fine we mean American football.

17. Just A Pile Of Footballs

Diamond Images/Diamond Images/Getty Images

If there's one thing I know about football, it's that it definitely uses at least one of these guys in the game.

18. Superb Owl

imageBROKER/Franz Christoph Robiller/imageBROKER/Getty Images

Get it? Like... SuperbOwl?

19. Good Luck Today, Guys

Every little bit of encouragement helps.

20. Big Vine Energy

Mia Mercado/Bustle

This isn't actually an anonymous quote. It's from this iconic vine, but it feels more special if the author is ~unknown~.

21. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

Jeff Vespa/WireImage/Getty Images

I will be cheering on the one and only sports figure I recognize: Coach Taylor of the Dillon, Texas Panthers. Let's play some ball, boys.