13 Zoom Games That'll Liven Up Your Work Parties

These games are perfect for building camaraderie.

by Lauren Grant
13 Zoom Games That Are Great For Work Parties
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By day whatever of quarantine, you’re probably starting to regret not taking advantage of all of those after work happy hours when the office was once open. As we've all been working from home for a year, we’ve been forced to get creative with not only how we attend work but also how we see our career families. Even though virtual happy hours and company parties have become the new norm, that doesn’t mean they have to be as boring as they once were in the office. With some creativity and the internet, you and your coworkers can have hours of fun that will have you forgetting about that overdue assignment.

Like any work party, you’ll want to start the night off with some Zoom ice breaking games like Something In Common or the Question Game. Once everyone has shaken off the day’s workload and gotten acquainted with their fellow working mates, it’s time for the real fun to begin. Luckily, most of the games that you originally played in the office can also be played virtually. From games like Office Bingo to a work edition of Never Have I Ever, you and your co-workers will find lots to talk and laugh about during your next work party. This list of games will not only give you fun games but team-building ones, too. Here are 13 Zoom games that are great for office parties.

Can You Hear Me Now?

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In this game, one person will be designated the Designer, while the rest of the team will be referred to as Artists. The goal of the game is for the artists to draw what the designer is describing. Here's the catch, though: The designer can only describe their item by using geometric terms. For example, the designer would say something along the lines of, "draw a circle and around it draw vertical diamonds," instead of saying "draw a flower." If the artists correctly draw the item being described, they and the designer each get a point. Each round should be played for about three minutes, and you can play as long as everyone likes. The person who collects the most points by the end wins!

The Wikipedia Game

For this fast-paced game, you'll choose a random Wikipedia page to start on and another Wiki page that you would like to get to. Sounds simple enough, right? So you thought. In order to succesfully get to the ending page, you can only the hyperlinks on the starting page. Good luck!

Office Charades

Like regular Charades but instead, you'll be acting out all the activities you would normally do in an office while your co-workers try to guess.

Something In Common

For Something In Common, you'll play mutiple rounds where you and your co-workers will break into smaller groups and you'll have to find at least three things that everyone has in common. Once everyone returns with their things in common, the next round will have a restriction such as no mentioning TV shows. The game gets harder and harder as each round gets rid of something everyone may potentially have in common.

Never Have I Ever: Work Edition

You'd be surprised what your fellow workmates have and haven't done while on the job. Each person will take a turn saying what they've never done (e.g. leave their lunch in the company fridge for over a week). If you've done what's being said, you put a finger down. Everyone starts with all 10 fingers and the last one with the most fingers still up, wins.

The Question Game

You play the Question Game by simply asking a question. The co-worker you ask has to then respond with another question within five seconds or ask another person a question. If it takes longer than five seconds or if you fail to ask a question, you're out. Keep volleying questions until there's one person left who will then be declared the winner.

Guess The Office Phrase

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One participant will mute their microphone in this game and say a typical office phrases like "ball is in your court" and "let's circle back," while the other participants try to figure out what the phrase is. Spice the game up by adding in insider phrases of things that only your co-workers say.

What's On Your Desk?

Part game, part marketing strategy, for this fun activity everyone will choose a random thing from their work desk and present it to their coworkers in the same fashion and mannerisms that a salesman would. Your co-workers will then give you the honest feedback on if they would buy what's on your desk.

Virtual Escape Rooms

Nothing builds camaraderie like trying to figure out how to get out of a room you and your co-workers are trapped inside of (virtually at least). Virtual escape rooms provide a great time while putting also putting everyone's skills to the test.

Office Bingo

Bingo is a classic game that can fit any occasion. Office Bingo uses hilarious words, phrases, and scenarios that are common amongst your co-workers (such as someone complaining it's too cold). Grab some pre-made virtual bingo cards and play to the team's content.

Most Likely To...

Superlatives are always a fun way to guage the dynamic of the office. If you're blanking on a list of some good ones, check this one out.

Office Photo Game

Have everyone submit a photo anonymously of their home office set up and take turns guessing who's office belongs to which co-worker. Make sure any photos or items that can give you away are hidden, though!

Virtual Snap Cup

For the co-worker who loves to hype the team up, a virtual snap cup is the perfect way to let everyone know how appreciated they are. If you remember Elle's snap cup from Legally Blonde 2, then you know the point is to write truthful and endearing statements about your co-workers that will then be read aloud. You can use an anonymous feedback tool as your virtual snap cup, and remember to give everyone snaps once each statement has been read.