11 Creative Ways To Celebrate Halloween On Zoom This Year

You can have your candy and eat it too.

by Lauren Grant
LPETTET/E+/Getty Images

This year has proven to be a scary one, but your Halloween doesn’t have to be… at least not in the literal 2020 sense. Still, it’s important to know what's going on so you can make proper plans. The coronavirus pandemic is still running rampant, and it's safe to say many of us will not be physically attending any Halloween festivities this year. But what about our good friend, Zoom? I know, another Zoom party sounds exhausting, but the season of spooks has provided some ways to turn your virtual fatigue into virtual intrigue. Personally, as this is my favorite holiday, I was pretty bummed about being holed up in the house but after scouring my crystal ball, I discovered that you can indeed have your candy and eat it too.

If you plan on going out you should still be wearing a mask and following safety procedures. However, for those of us who are playing it safe (and let's be honest, we all should be), here are some awesome ideas to make sure your Halloween Zoom party will be one to remember.

1. Throw A Virtual Dance Party

You already know that virtual dance parties are a thing, but how much fun is it to get down in your costume in the comfort of your own home? Especially knowing you can crash directly on your bed afterward.

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2. Have A Costume Contest

What better way to show off everyone’s Halloween costume than having a good ‘ol fashioned costume contest? Have everyone do a little strut and pose and cast your votes. If you want to mix it up, have everyone guess each other's costumes.

3. Murder Mystery

Murder mysteries are great for getting into the creepy spirit. Hire a professional or plan one yourself.

4. Horror Movie Marathon

With the launch of Teleparty (formerly known as Netflix Party), it’s now easier than ever to have a socially-distanced binge with your favorite scary films and shows. Friday the 13th, anyone?

5. Never Have I Ever: Halloween Edition

It’s OK to admit that most of us would get out of “Never Have I Ever” in about five seconds, but adding a new theme may help prolong your game stay to about seven seconds. Can’t handle taking that many shots? Switch out the booze for candy every time someone loses.

6. Pumpkin Carving Contest

No explanation needed. Everyone breaks out a pumpkin (and maybe a timer to spice up the fun) and hack away.

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7. Fact or Fiction: Scary Stories

Have everyone tell their favorite creepy story and guess if it's real or not. Between the true stories of the 2020 Election and the coronavirus pandemic, how can that not give you something to scream about?

8. Full Moon Ritual

Halloween falls on a rare full blue moon this year, and it's the perfect time to release whatever has been holding you back. Hop on Zoom with your friends, meditate, and write out what burdens you no longer wish to carry.

9. Tarot Card Reading

Want to know what the future has in store? Download a tarot card app (or use your own deck if you get down like that) and pull a card.

10. Halloween Cocktail Contest

What is Halloween as an adult without booze? Have your friends grab the same ingredients and have a cocktail tasting to see which magical elixir gives you the powers you yearn for.

11. Halloween Trivia

You only think you know everything about the holiday of ghouls and mischie, but test you and your friends’ knowledge with some Halloween themed trivia and see who is the true pumpkin queen.