Valentine's Day

13 Zoom Activities That'll Make Your Valentine's Day Extra Special

Including charades with a fun rom-com twist.

by Lauren Grant
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Find Valentine's Day Zoom activities to play with friends or a partner.

The season of love has finally arrived and the biggest day of amore is hurtling at us with the white-hot intensity of one thousand suns. While the virus looms in on yet another holiday, there’s no reason this year’s Valentine's Day can't still be full of love, virtual love that is. If you’re wondering how to host a Valentine’s Day party on Zoom, then you’re in the right place.

Between setting a theme, choosing a Zoom backdrop, and what to drink, you may have forgotten all about how to keep your guests entertained. The real game of love may be a finicky one, but thankfully there’s a bunch of Valentine’s Day-themed activities that will not only amp up the party fun but leave you and your guests really feeling the love. You can start the day by making a delicious Valentine's Day-themed brunch, and then get into some fun with games like Bingo or singing your heart out with karaoke. To end the day, you’ll want to do something sweet, like baking together or watching a classic rom-com.

Here are some of the best activities to do for a virtual Valentine’s Day whether you’re celebrating virtually with friends or your partner.

Play Valentine's Day Trivia

You may think you know all there is to know about the day of love, but do you what century the very first Valentine was sent in? What about where the majority of red roses are grown in the U.S.? The year the holiday because commercialized in the country? There's so much more that can be revealed by playing Valentine's Day-themed trivia.

Cook Valentine’s Day Brunch Together

The only thing anyone loves more than the people in their life is food. Start your Valentine's Day off right by making a virtual brunch — think waffles, crepes, and blood orange mimosas — that your tummies are sure to love.

Set Up A Virtual Valentine’s Day Photo Booth

Set up a virtual photo booth with your friends by coordinating your Valentine’s Day Zoom backgrounds. Once you've all settled on coordinating background themes (like everyone have heart candies or roses as their backdrop), strike a pose and take screenshots of everyone.

Virtual Movie Night

Teleparty (formerly Netflix party) has made it easy to tune into our favorite movies and shows while also hanging out with our friends. Turn on a romantic flick like Titanic or Amelie and make sure you and your friends have the tissues handy.

Have A Virtual Wine & Paint Night

Set up a virtual wine and paint night and paint the best Valentine's Day masterpieces ever with the ones you love.

Play Some Jackbox Games

Jackbox games offer tons of fun options for virtual group parties. Fun and hilarious games like Quiplash, Drawful, and Fibbage are sure to leave everyone in stitches.

Sing Your Heart Out With Karaoke

A good karaoke session has made every occasion more fun, and there's no better way to sing to your heart's content than by having a virtual karaoke session with your pals.

Valentine's Day Bingo

Bingo is great for groups, and it's also a good game to play mid-party to keep the momentum going. You can download free Valentine's Day Bingo cards or you can make your own festive game.

Valentine’s Day-Themed Scavenger Hunt

Send your guests on a quest for love... around their houses. Create a list of all things Valentine Day's-related that one can find in their home: a heart-shaped object, a red and pink item, something that has “Valentine's Day” written on it.

Name That Love Song

Much like “Name That Tune,” you'll be naming nothing but the most romantic ballads from over the years in this game. Create a romantic playlist and play five to 10 seconds of each song and have your guests name that love song.

Virtual Wine Tasting

Valentine's Day is the perfect reason to try new wine. Having a virtual wine tasting will be fun, educational, and a good way for everyone to discover a new favorite blend.

Rom-Com Charades

It’s like normal charades except you can only use scenes from classic rom-coms. Try using Will Smith's iconic two-step dance from the movie Hitch.

Make Your Own Valentine

Arts and crafts aren’t just for the kids when it comes to Valentine's Day. Break out the art supplies and make your own Valentine while gabbing it up with your friends or partner.

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