10 Bookish Charities To Donate To In The New Year

2016 is very nearly truly over. And while most of us are anxious to escape this garbage fire of a year... it's a little hard to get excited about 2017 right now. So let's all make a collective resolution to be a force for good in the new year. Let's organize, volunteer, and donate. It's a long road ahead, but every cent counts. Here are a few bookish charities to get you started.

Of course, there are many causes that deserve our support in 2017. Most of us want to help displaced people, fight discrimination, and continue to have a functional Earth with trees and air. But supporting literacy and access to books is more important now than ever, too. There are still 758 million illiterate adults in the world. It can be incredibly challenging to find work, educate your children, or vote if you cannot read. Everyone should have the right to a decent education. And we need the next generation to grow up literate if we want them to pull us out of this mess.

So this new year, let's all try to help, in whatever way we can. Donate money, or donate books (I know you need the extra shelf space). These charities are worth it: