11 Candle Gift Sets That'll Save You Money On Those Fancy Scents

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There's something about a fancy candle that just turns your day around. Its gorgeous jar, the luxurious scent it gives off, the way it turns any bathtub into a spa getaway. Candles just make a person happy instantly. Lucky for you, there are plenty of candle gift sets this time of year that will help you save money on these luxury items. Because even though it's just wax, great candles come with a pretty price tag attached to them.

Turning your room into a cozy, lavender-scented den isn't likely going to cost a mere five dollars. And if you want to have more than one scent in your arsenal, your budget starts straining with each wax purchase.

But if you dabble in a gift set during the holidays, things become a little more affordable. From sets that are meant to be lit together to boxes that feature candles in pretty jars, there is something for every candle lover. Check out 10 of the best candle box sets below, and prepare yourself for a few new additions to your fancy collection.


Exploration Kit


Commodity 3x3 Exploration Kit (2.5 oz each), $38, Sephora

Usual price for a single, 6.5 oz candle: $55

This is a special collection where each candle isn't meant to be a stand-alone scent. Instead, the three are designed to be layered together to create scents tailored to your individual taste.

"Orris" is a floral scent, where the smell of an iris is combined with accents of pink pepper and coriander for a spicy kick. "Book" is inspired by the great works of Hemingway and Fitzgerald, and gives off a woodsy scent, along with spicy cucumber and torchwood notes. "Tea" is a citrusy and bright smell with water mint leaf accents. Mixed and matched together, you'll make some really interesting fragrances.


Voluspa Japonica Gift Set


Voluspa Japonica Embossed Votive Gift Set (1 oz each), $40, Anthropologie

Usual price for a single, 3.2 oz candle: $10

Featuring pretty glass votives filled with six scents, you get a bevvy of different smells to choose from with this set. There's "Goji Tarocco Orange" that mixes an orange with sun-dried goji berries. "Panjore Lychee" is a citrus-tinged blend of cassis and Asian pear, whereas "Santiago Huckleberry" is sweet and spicy, with hints of vanilla. "Mokara" is a floral blend of orchid, white lily and spring moss. Lastly, "French Cade Lavender" is a soothing blend of French cadewood, lavender, and moss.


& Other Stories Scented Candle Kit

Scented Candle Kit (3.5 oz each), $50, & Other Stories

Usual price for a single, 6.7 oz candle: $25

Wrapped in attractive, minimalist packaging, these three candles will burn up to a whopping 25 hours.


Gold Travel Candles

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Pick 4 Gold Travel Candles Set, $55, Brooklyn Candle Studio

Usual price for a single travel candle: $14

This is a build-your-own-box set that lets you decide which scents to include in your gift. Depending on which smells you like best — woodsy, floral, earthy, or citrus — you can build a set that best suits you. The burn time is approximately 30 hours per candle, and it comes wrapped up in a special white box.


Voluspa Maison Mini Candle Gift Set


Voluspa Maison Mini Candle Gift Set (1.75 oz each), $38, Anthropologie

Usual price for a single, 3.2 oz candle: $10

Not only does the box look super festive, but the candle scents in this set are totally mouth watering. The set comes with "Prosecco Rose," which is a floral scent that combines your favorite drink with rose petals. Then there's "Branche Vermeil," which is a woodsy smell that combines spruce with notes of sugar, balsam wood, and citron. "Blond Tabac" is a spicy scent that combines notes of warm perique tobacco and vanilla husk layered with sandalwood. And last but not least is "Bourbon Vanille," another spice scent that features gragrant vanilla beans.


Folk + Fleura Candles Boxed Set

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Folk + Fleura Candles Boxed Set, $45, Brooklyn Candle Studio

Usual price for a single Folk + Fleura candle: $24

Another build-your-own set, the fragrant wax in these candles is hand poured into elegant glass jars with gold lids, and decorated with minimalist paper labels.

"Perfect next to a bud vase filled with freshly picked blooms or your prettiest succulent on a mantle, nightstand, or coffee table," the description reads. It almost looks too pretty to burn.


Bella Freud Scented Candle Gift Set


Bella Freud Parfum Mini Votive Set (2.5 oz), $120, Net-A-Porter

Usual price for a single, 6.7 oz candle: $70

Set in a matte black glass and decorated with quirky graphics, this collection creates a statement. And the smells aren't too shabby, either.

The "Signature" candle has a woody scent, created by smoked incense from Morocco mixed with cedar wood and amber. "Ginsberg Is God" has a light, green scent, rocking notes of fig leaf, tomato, frankincense, and leather. "Je t'aime Jane" is a cool, floral bouquet scent featuring tiger lily and cool water smells. And lastly, "1970" is an amber and musk fragrance, featuring patchouli and sandalwood. There's a little something for everyone.


Malin+Goetz Votive Set

Need Supply Co.

Malin+Goetz Votive Set (2.35 oz each), $46, Need Supply Co.

Usual price for a single, 9 oz candle: $4

For those that like a spicier, stronger scent, this set features dark rum, vetiver, and tobacco candles.


diptyque Mini Candle Set

Diptyque Mini Candle Set (1.2 oz each), $75, Nordstrom

Usual price of a single, 2.5 oz candle: $34

Experts from the diptyque brand recommend burning these all at once to create a super unique, super delicious scent.


Jo Malone Christmas Miniature Candle Collection

Jo Malone Christmas Miniature Candle Collection (1.2 oz each), $100, Nordstrom

Usual price for a single, 2.1 oz candle: $35

This set features a mix of holiday and year-round scents, so it'll go to good use all 365 days of the year.