10 Halloween Costume Ideas That No One Will Guess Took 5 Minutes To Put Together

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Well, we made it. We're well over halfway through 2017, and you know what that means: Halloween is near. If you're looking for maximum impact/minimum effort looks when it comes to your costume (and honestly, who isn't?), good news: there are quite a few creative and easy Halloween costume ideas out there.

The origin of Halloween costumes dates back to the Celts, who dressed up in an attempt to blend in with the ghosts they believed inhabited the living realm before Samhain, a harvest festival that fell on Nov. 1. In addition to leaving food and drink on their doorsteps to appease grouchy spirits, Celts wore costumes that served Living Dead ~realness~.

Samhain was then adopted and adapted by the British into All Saints Day. In Medieval Britain, poor children would dress up in costumes and perform door to door for money, in an act that became known as "guising." Irish immigrants then brought the tradition over the United States, where it slowly grew in popularity, officially reaching mainstream culture by the '50s.

Now, Halloween is a sugary, glittery mess of a holiday in the United States, albeit a beloved one. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans purchase nearly 600 million pounds of candy a year and spend around $2.6 billion on costumes. And back in Ireland, where it all started? A few Samhain traditions still hold strong, but kiddos carry plastic jack-o-lanterns and wear store-bought costumes, too.

There's no escaping it at this point. And why would you want to?


2016 was a trash fire of a year, and sure, we're bruised and beaten up now but we're still here. Why not celebrate it, just a li'l bit, by dressing up as a literal trash fire? Try this Fire Drill Embroidered Flames Cap, $10, at, and this Wild Child Flame Print T-Shirt Dress, $13, at BooHoo.

Rosie The Riveter

A classic, plain and simple. To put together the look, try this Bandana Print Jersey Head Wrap, $9.10, at Kohl's, this Tie Front Denim Shirt, $18, at BooHoo, and these Crop Wide Leg Jeans, $40, at Miss Selfridge.

Salt Bae

A white T-shirt, black pants, a whole lotta salt: you got Salt Bae. Just be sure to get the sprinkle down once you pick up these RAY BAN Round Sunglasses, $125, at Van Mildert, this Long V-Neck T-Shirt, $57, at Italist, and these Skinny Fit Cropped Dress Pants, $70, at Topman.

Log Lady From 'Twin Peaks'

It only takes a few items to put together the perfect Twin Peaks Log Lady costume: This Land's End Layering Turtleneck, $9.99, at, this Land's End Flagship Flannel Shirt, $21.99, at, this Shawl Cardigan Sweater, $100, at American Eagle Outfitters, and these Round Reading Glasses, $40, from Nordstrom.

An Extra From 'GLOW'

Maddy Foley/Polyvore

Dressing up like an extra in the Netflix series GLOW is the perfect option for those of you who love glitter, sequins, and creative ways to injure your friends. Pick up this Sequin Headband, $2.99, at, this pair of Lace Fingerless Gloves, $20, at Fashion For Women, this Under Armour Women's Leotard, $55, at Modalist. and these Reebok Classic High Top Sneakers, $95, at Ssense.

Babadook At Pride

Maddy Foley/Polyvore

Dress up as the Babadook at Pride, and your friends will be babashook. Achieve the look with this Pinstripe Overcoat, $780, at, and this Bryan & Co Tophat, $415, at

WASP-y Wasp

Maddy Foley/Polyvore

You know, A White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Wasp!'s a pun. Nab a 'Nathalie' Ribbed Hem Cardigan, $151, Modalist, and this Marni Miniskirt, $355,

'The Babysitter's Club' Babysitter

"Thank you for calling the Babysitter's Club, babysitter speaking!" Anything in that sweet spot of late 80s/early 90s - floral prints, acid wash denim, scrunchies and Keds — will scream Babysitter's Club. Just grab a Denim Jacket, $19.99, H&M, Floral Print Cropped Legging, $11,, Perforated Leather Keds Sneakers, $30,

Natural Disaster

Maddy Foley/Polyvore

Dress like a force of nature and have an excuse to get really, uh, "silly." It's another pun, sort of. Hurricane, wild fire, blizzard, tornado - all lend themselves very well to excessive amounts of glitter. All it needs is a Halter Neck Crop Top, $16, Miss Selfridge, a Skater Skirt, $34, Peridot Clothing (, Winter Mittens, $12.99,, and this Chunky Knit Scarf, $20,

Maxine Waters

Maddy Foley/Polyvore

Reclaim your time all Halloween long. Just don Kate Spade Reading Glasses, $68,, this Two-Row Adjustable Choker, $60, Lord & Taylor, and this Patrizia Pepe Blazer, $150, Italist.

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