10 Unique Foaming Beauty Products You Need To Try ASAP

by Miki Hayes
Miki Hayes

Remember those orange and grape-flavored foaming sunscreens from when you were a kid? Remember how cool those were and how excited you were to use them? Now maybe they were fun because of the candy scents. But I think we all just have a soft spot for foaming beauty products. So it's a good thing tons of brands are coming out with new ways to make some of our favorite types of products foam.

I mean, how your products dispense may not really matter. A foam, spray, and liquid sunscreen will all protect you from harmful, UV rays at the end of the day. But let's be real. A product that foams is always more fun than one that doesn't. And sure, it's not like foaming products are new to us. Cleansers, shaving creams, and hair mousse have had foaming options for about as long as we can probably remember. But some products like shampoo, face masks, and body oils are new to the foaming game. And I'll go ahead and say it: You haven't lived until you've washed your body and hair with foam. So your beauty routine can be, like, 10 times more fun, here are 10 foaming products you may not have realized are missing in your life:

1. Shower Gel

Courtesy Brand

Rituals Express Your Soul Foaming Shower Gel, $15, Rituals

Lathering up takes on a whole new meaning with this gel to foam formula that will have your skin feeling completely refreshed.

2. Shampoo

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Drybar Double Standard Cleansing + Conditioning Foam, $28, Sephora

Foam can clean and condition your hair too. Try this in-shower foam that will remove buildup for more lifted roots.

3. Face Mask

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Nia Sunday Detox Whipped Clay Peel-Off Mask, $36, Ulta

Not only does this detoxifying clay mask go on as a foam, but it also dries down to a peel-off mask to further clear out pores. AKA the coolest mask ever.

4. Texturizer

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IGK Sunday Funday Texture Foam, $29, Sephora

Skip the mist and add texture and control to your strands with this easy-to-use foam.

5. Depilatory Cream

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Completely Bare Easy Off! Foaming Hair Removal Spray, $10, Ulta

The foaming action of this depilatory cream makes getting smooth legs super easy. And super fun.

6. Sunless Tanner

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Tarte Glow with Faux Foaming Self-Tanner, $39, Tarte Cosmetics

Achieve a deep bronze in a just a couple of hours with this vegan and hypoallergenic, tanning foam.

7. Body Oil

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Nourishing Mousse Body Oil, $18, Sephora

What better (or cooler) way is there to hydrate your skin than with a dry oil in the form of a foam?

8. Dry Shampoo

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Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam, $28, Ouai

Dry shampoo gets a makeover in the form of a foam. Not to mention it adds unbelievable volume to your tresses.

9. Sunscreen

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Super Power Sunscreen Mousse SPF 50, $34, Supergoop!

Applying sunscreen can sometimes feel like a chore. But with a foam, protecting yourself from those UV rays can be pretty fun.

10. No-Rinse Cleanser

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Yuni Flash Bath No-Rinse Body Cleansing Foam, $22, Sephora

For a totally unique cleansing experience, try this foam that can simply be rubbed into the skin— no need to rinse. Perfect for your gym bag or an overslept morning.

Because foam really is more fun.