11 Hermione-Inspired Accessories To Pay Tribute To The Brightest Witch Of Her Age

Out Of Print/BoxLunch
By Kerri Jarema

Hermione Granger is known for many incredible things — her mind-blowing talent, her bold bravery, her unmatched intelligence — but she definitely isn't known for her stylish wardrobe. In the books, readers don't see much about Hermione's clothes and various accessories at all, not even when she's out of her Hogwarts uniform. Of course, the clothes don't make the woman, and I'm more than happy to focus on Hermione's general bad-assery instead. But as a big fan of both fashion and Hermione alike, I can't help but want to infuse some items in my own closet with the Granger spirit. And if you feel the same way, I've got the ultimate shopping list for embracing your inner Hermione this fall.

With a little gold, a whole lot of burgundy and some super-stylish additions (both overtly Harry Potter-themed accessories and not) you can sprucce up everything from your office to your wardrobe with just a few some tweaks — and feel ready to take on the world — or at least the rest of 2018. Whether you're in the market for a new place to capture all your brilliant thoughts, or you just want to wear your fierceness on your sleeve, there's something on this list for you and your inner Hermione.

The Velvet Purse Of Every Gryffindor's Dreams

On the shoulder of every powerful woman is a handbag containing half of her apartment and essentials for any eventuality. This velvet bag comes complete with adorable golden HP-themed charms and a stylish chain strap, so you can wear it everywhere from work to your bookclub meeting.

Harry Potter Wand Velvet Crossbody Bag, $39.90, Box Lunch

A Sweatshirt Fit For A Literary Heroine

If there was ever a strong female lead, it's Hermione. And if you're going to take a page out of her book, you're going to have to wear your strength on your sleeve. Start by proudly displaying it on this chic meets comfy sweatshirt.

Strong Female Lead Sweatshirt, $65,

A Fancy Pen For Writing Down Important Thoughts

All brilliant women need a pen to wield, so why not make it as fabulous as you are? This fancy red and gold stunner will only add to your air of intense fierceness when you pull it out of your bag to sign the check or plot your next great adventure.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Pen, $19.90, Box Lunch

...And The Golden Notebook To Go With It

You've got a lot of important thoughts: to-do lists, reminders, creative projects, TBR lists and so much more, and you need a place to put them all, right? I would imagine that Hermione would not be able to turn down this golden notebook at the shops, and you shouldn't either.

Gold Coriandoli Notebook, $24,

A Lipstick That Will Set Daring Gryffindors Apart

This lipstick was made for real life Leos and so it only makes sense that Gryffindors would fall for it. The glittery gold color is as bold and daring as Hermione herself, but with a simple prettiness that says, "I'm here to slay everything, and you'd better keep up."

Astrology Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Leo, $26, Bite Beauty

Red Lion Socks That Will Go With Literally All Of Your Outfits

Socks are a necessity, but that doesn't mean you can't add some flair to them, right? Can't you just imagine these being sold at some kitschy Diagon Alley shop that caters to Hogwarts students? Because I can, and I would buy 10 of them.

Lion Graphic Ankle Socks, $1.90, Forever 21

A Pin That Lets People Know You Are Not Afraid To Correct Their Grammar

Look, I get why people are annoyed when they're constantly having their grammar and pronunciation corrected. But, someone's got to tell them, right? Go boldly in the direction of your know-it-all dreams by slapping this pin onto your most beloved tote bag.

Wingardium Leviosa Enamel Pin, $8.90, Box Lunch

The Ideal Throw Blanket For An Afternoon Of Reading

Come fall, there's nothing cozier than a Sunday afternoon spent diving into your latest read and snuggling up under a throw with some butterbeer. This gorgeous Gryffindor-themed one is an obvious choice, but I'll leave the book selection up to you.

Gryffindor Knit Throw, $52, PB Teen

A Statement Making Lion Necklace, Because It Should Be Part Of The Gryffindor Uniform

You're not truly a Gryffindor if you haven't co-opted the houses's lion symbol into some part of your daily wardrobe. This statement necklace is an easy way to add some bold flair to any outfit, and it will definitely give you some powerful vibes.

Lioness Pendant, $6, Nasty Gal

A T-Shirt That Proves You're A Major Library Stan

We all know that the library is one of Hermione's favorite places, and it's more important now than ever to support them. Show everyone your love for this crucial institution with this adorable t-shirt, and don't forget to remind them to finally read Hogwarts, A History.

When In Doubt, Go To The Library T-Shirt, $30, Out of Print