10 Leo Season Astrology Predictions That All Zodiac Signs Should Know

On July 22, Cancer season came to an end, and Leo season officially took over. While Cancer season was marked by an influx of emotions, Leo season is quite different. Leos are often known as the zodiac's brightest and boldest sign, which means that the rest of the summer is going to be interesting - and probably a lot of fun. Every few weeks, the sun enters a different sign, and everyone is affected by this sign, regardless of what your own sign is. So what can you expect for the remainder of the summer? The Leo season astrology predictions promise a lot of glitz, glamour, drama, and confidence.

To give a hint of what you can expect from this season, Astrostyle says, "As nurturing, heartfelt Cancer season draws to a close, Leo season turns our attention away from our cozy creature comforts, putting us under the proverbial spotlight to showcase our heart’s truest passions and desires. Leo is the astrological showstopper, the sign that loves being the center of attention." Leos are often extroverted, the life of the party, and the best at relaxing and just having a good time. And, honestly, we could all use more of that positive energy before nature's seasons change as well!

Leo's vibes will allow all of us to end our summer with a bang. While there are many wonderful aspects to Leo season, it's not all fun and games... things might get a little bit tense and dramatic out there as well. Check out the Leo season astrology predictions to get an idea of exactly what you can expect to feel the rest of the summer:


It's A Great Time To Relax

Leos are all about having a good time and fully enjoying themselves. Sure, you might have some responsibilities to worry about (it's hard to get away from those), but if there were ever a time to focus more on relaxing and having fun, this would be it. Let yourself sit back, relax, and do the things that really make you happy. Your inner Leo will demand it!


It's The Perfect Time To Show Off Your Talents

Leos are not known for being shy and timid, which is especially true when it comes to what they're good at. During Leo season, you might feel the urge to show off your talents a bit, and you shouldn't ignore that! Numerology Sign says, "The creative spirit of Leo will be favoring those who are themselves without fear of judgement. You will want to let other people know what your talents are! If you are an artist try to get your work displayed where you live. If you have natural leadership abilities then apply for that promotion you have been wanting. Make sure to talk up your skills every chance you get. Leo Season 2018 is not a time to sell yourself short!"


Your Love Life Might Get Exciting

If you were looking to spice things up in the relationship department, this is your time. According to Cosmopolitan, "Finding romance and having sex is also easier during fun-loving and flirtatious Leo season, and both are abundant during this time of year. It's easier to take risks, feel more playful, and be more genuine in your self-expression this time of year." That means that you should absolutely flirt with the cutie you've been watching, consider making the first move and asking someone out, or just trying something new in the bedroom with your partner.


You Might Feel More Confident Than Usual

Leos are all about confidence, and so this is your time to really shine and feel awesome about yourself. Show off your talents, get creative with your wardrobe and wear something bold and unique, speak up for yourself, and don't be afraid to be your own biggest cheerleader. One of the reasons Leo is such a party animal is that they aren't afraid to totally be themselves and embrace all of their personality traits. Try it out — you might find it easier this time of year!


You May Experience Tension In Some Relationships

Leos might be fun and bold, but they have some negative features as well. All of that confidence can lead to some acting a little too self-centered. Leo season comes with the potential for some moodiness and selfishness.

As Astrostyle says, "Leo is ruled by the proud and regal Sun, the center of our solar system. During Leo season, we may occasionally um, forget that the world doesn’t revolve around us. Egos can run amok. Defending our “honor” or “principles” can start to sound a lot like bullying and bigotry. So feel free to have an opinion — and to take a stand for it. Just make sure you’re not silencing someone else’s right to have theirs."


You'll Feel Happy and Hopeful Most Of The Time

Although Leo season can bring out some arrogant traits sometimes, the season can also make us feel pretty happy and optimistic. That's because Leo is ruled by the Sun. As Numerology Sign says, "The bright energy of the Sun fits well with this attention seeking sign. Those who have a strong emphasis on Leo in their natal charts often have a positive and outgoing nature about them. During Leo Season 2018 we are more likely to be influenced by the Sun’s energy. This means we may be more open, extroverted, and self-assured."


You May Feel The Urge To Let Out Your Inner Diva

According to Cosmopolitan, Leos represent glamour. What does that mean for you? You should embrace your inner diva. Go get a makeover! Get super creative with your style and try wearing something new that you've always been a little nervous about trying — you'll find that you have the confidence to pull it off. Astrostyle says, "Leo energy is an endless bag of tricks — and Leo season is a time to do something edgy and fun that disrupts the boring status quo. During Leo season, let’s all hold our heads high instead of staying small!"


But You Also Might Get Too Dramatic

Indulging in a little bit of a diva attitude is fine (and basically expected) during Leo season, but don't let it take over. As Astrostyle points out, the extra drama in the air could be positive or negative. Sometimes during Leo season, you might feel like even the smallest things are the end of the world, and you might react a little too passionately. This is pretty common for Leos, who go for everything with all of their heart. Try to keep a good perspective and keep your feet on the ground.


You Should Use This Time To Speak Up

Leo season is the best time to self-expression. That doesn't just mean it's the right time to get creative, to show off your talents, and to let out your inner diva. It also means it's the best time to speak up for yourself. Give yourself permission to say what's on your mind. Just beware of too much confrontation while doing so.


You'll Want To Let Out Your Inner Child

Astrostyle says, "Leo rules the zodiac's fifth house of playfulness and childlike wonder." For Leo season, that means you'll be feeling extra excited, passionate, and optimistic. Embrace it! This is your time to really focus on the things that make you feel happy and child-like again, which can be so refreshing.