10 Leo Season 2018 Astrology Predictions That Will Help You Have The Best August

On July 22, Cancer season came to an end, and Leo season officially took over. While Cancer season was marked by an influx of emotions, Leo season is quite different. Leos are often known as the zodiac's brightest and boldest sign, which means that the rest of the summer is going to be interesting - and probably a lot of fun. Every few weeks, the sun enters a different sign, and everyone is affected by this sign, regardless of what your own sign is. So what can you expect for the remainder of the summer? The Leo season astrology predictions promise a lot of glitz, glamour, drama, and confidence.

To give a hint of what you can expect from this season, Astrostyle says, "As nurturing, heartfelt Cancer season draws to a close, Leo season turns our attention away from our cozy creature comforts, putting us under the proverbial spotlight to showcase our heart’s truest passions and desires. Leo is the astrological showstopper, the sign that loves being the center of attention." Leos are often extroverted, the life of the party, and the best at relaxing and just having a good time. And, honestly, we could all use more of that positive energy before nature's seasons change as well!

Leo's vibes will allow all of us to end our summer with a bang. While there are many wonderful aspects to Leo season, it's not all fun and games... things might get a little bit tense and dramatic out there as well. Check out the Leo season astrology predictions to get an idea of exactly what you can expect to feel the rest of the summer: