10 Festive Nonalcoholic Drinks To Keep Stocked At Your New Year’s Eve Party

Yulia Grigoryeva/Shutterstock

The holiday season is renowned for its endless stream of parties. Between your office's holiday party, the million family engagements, and, of course, New Year's Eve, there are endless chances to socialize. But if you don't drink alcohol, many of these parties can be chances to feel peer pressured, or to have to explain (for the thousandth time) that you're not drinking, thank you. For New Year's Eve this year, consider bringing your host some of these 10 nonalcoholic drinks to ring in 2019, or if you're throwing the party this year, consider keeping some of these on hand for your sober or sober curious friends.

And no, I don't mean simply buying more La Croix. (Sorry La Croix lovers.) Luckily, finding some delish, alcohol-free beverages for the holiday season is super easy. Flavors like ginger, cranberry, cinnamon and apple are in season, and they not only go perfectly in holiday desserts, but can take your mocktails and mulled ciders to the next level.

Whether you have a guest who prefers a chilled drink on the rocks, or a piping hot cup of tea, having different drink options readily available during the holiday gatherings will make you everyone's favorite host. From gourmet hot chocolate to CBD-infused seltzers, here are 10 festive nonalcoholic drinks to keep on hand as you ring in the new year.


Make the perfect mocktail, curl up on the couch with friends holding a mug of cocoa, or toast with a sparkling cider as you watch the ball drop. Your non-drinking friends will thank you.