13 Drinks You Can Make On New Year’s Eve That Don’t Require Any Alcohol

It's no secret that celebrations revolve around alcohol, especially when it comes to New Year's Eve. I mean, champagne is basically flowing out of water faucets around this time of the year. Celebrating during this time of year can be tricky if you don't drink alcohol, so it's definitely worth testing out some New Year's Eve non-alcoholic drink ideas. These delicious booze-free drinks are so good that it will be easy to forget that you aren't drinking actual alcohol.

Holiday mocktail recipes are also ideal if you're pregnant, or on any medications that don't mix with alcohol. Or perhaps you're the designated driver for the night, a must-have on New Year's Eve. And then there is the chance that you had one too many traditional homemade eggnogs on Christmas, warranting a much-needed break this time around. Whatever the reason, mocktails have your back.

One might argue that it's easier to sip on water and call it a night. While this is true, there's something so fun and festive about fancy mixed drinks. It gives you a chance to savor the best flavors of the season. In the case of New Year's Eve, it's all about cranberries, apples, and rosemary.

So whether you're hosting a party or attending one, keep these mocktails in mind. You might even end up drinking one throughout the new year.


Pear Rosemary Spritzer

Apples might be the stars of autumn, but come winter, it's time to give pears some love. So why not make a refreshing bubbly mocktail? In this delicious booze-free recipe, The Merry Thought combined the underrated fruit with rosemary, a pine-look herb that basically screams "holiday season."


Spiced Cider Punch

Party punch doesn't always have to involve summery ingredients. Taste And Tell's festive spiced cider version involves apple cider, orange juice, and rich autumn spices. Count me in.


Moscow Mule Mocktail

Thanks to The Merry Thought, it's totally possible to make an alcohol-free version of a Moscow Mule. Plus, if you serve it in a copper mug, you'll feel like you're drinking the real thing.


Classic Bloody Mary Mocktail

A bloody mary mocktail? Yes, you read that right. The masterminds at A Beautiful Mess have a recipe that will be a hit if you adore savory and spicy drinks. This is an awesome choice for New Year's Day brunch, too.


Cranberry Mockjito

First, the term "mockjito" is brilliant. Second, when it involves cranberry juice plus mint, how can you resist? This combo is like a winter vacation in a glass. Find the how-to at Pure Ella.


Persimmon Pomegranate Mocktail

Persimmons totally don't get the love that they deserve. If you're lucky enough to find some at your local grocery store, whip up this persimmon pomegranate mocktail by The Merry Thought. It's an awesome way to try out fruits that aren't as common.


Lavender Cardamom Fizz

Who knew lavender and cardamom could totally work together? The combination of floral and spicy will make your taste buds sing without a drop of alcohol. Learn how to make it with The Merry Thought.


Sparkling Grapefruit Rosemary Mocktail

Rosemary is at it again in this sparkling grapefruit mocktail by The Kitchn. Again, this drink is another way to mix opposing flavors for something truly special. All it takes is three ingredients.


Cider Thyme Tonic Mocktail

When it comes to fancy drink concoctions, rosemary and mint get a lot of attention. But what about thyme, a classic and delicious herb? Try it with cider and lemon in this tasty mocktail recipe by Offbeat And Inspired.


Grapefruit Honey Spritzer

Honey is an amazing natural sweetener, especially when it comes to delicious drinks. I mean, it sure beats using spoonfuls of refined white sugar. To give it a shot, check out this refreshing and tangy grapefruit mocktail by The Merry Thought.


Cranberry Rosemary Spritzer

Cranberries and rosemary are basically mascots of the holiday season, so it only makes sense to wrap things up by combining them in a drink. In this recipe by The Merry Thought, rosemary simple syrup and cranberry juice come together in the tastiest way. Also, how cute are those rosemary stirrers?


Pomegranate Chai Ginger Fizz

Pomegranate juice, cold brew chai tea, and zesty non-alcoholic ginger beer come together in this delicious wintry mocktail. Don't forget to add a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg for a major boost of flavor. To make it yourself, visit Wild Amor.


Sparkling Chamomile Tea Mocktail

Most people don't think to drink chamomile tea cold, but it's actually pretty darn good. The floral notes will taste delicious, especially if you are planning to hit the hay soon anyway. Find the how-to at The Kitchn.