These 10 Summer 2018 Movies Could Totally End Up Nominated For Oscars Next Year

by Lia Beck

Everyone knows that "Oscar movies" tend to come out in the fall as we get closer to the date of the actual show — and closer to the cut off date for Oscar submissions. But that doesn't mean that all the nominations come from autumn films, even if it can seem like it. There are actually quite a few summer 2018 movies that could be nominated for Oscars, ranging from comedic blockbusters to dark dramas.

And while maybe all the movies listed below won't be taking home awards in the "big" categories, like the acting awards or Best Picture, there is still a chance these summer movies could get nominations or even win in some of the categories. Even Solo: A Star Wars Story could get a nomination.

Still, t's impossible to predict the Oscar winners until all of the qualifying movies have been released, and it'll still be a couple more months before that happens. But, for now, it can be fun to look at which movies that have been released so far have a chance — especially since so many of the movies released this summer were fan favorites. (They won't be winning the "popular" film award, though. That idea has, thankfully, been scrapped.)

Crazy Rich Asians

One of the most memorable things about Crazy Rich Asians is how it looks, and how it feels because of that, so Best Production Design and Best Costume Design nominations would be well earned. If the Academy also has CRA fever, the film could also be in the running for Best Adapted Screenplay.


Spike Lee has never been nominated for Best Director, and maybe this could be his year. More likely than that, though, is BlacKkKlansman being nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay since there's a bigger field of writing awards between the Adapted Screenplay and Original Screenplay categories. This would still mean a nom for Lee as he co-wrote the film. It's not a sure thing, but BlacKkKlansman could also score a Best Picture nomination.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

It was a box office disappointment, but Star Wars movies have a long history of being nominated for technical awards, including with the most recently released series of movies. The Last Jedi was nominated for Best Original Score, Best Sound Mixing, Best Visual Effects, and Best Sound Editing. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story also got Visual Effects and Sound Mixing noms, and The Force Awakens was nominated for Score, Sound Mixing, Visual Effects, Sound Editing, and Film Editing. Every Star Wars movie has at least been nominated for something, so if Solo gets no noms it'll be breaking a very long streak.

Won't You Be My Neighbor

This Mr. Rogers documentary has excellent reviews and seems like a shoo-in for a Best Documentary Feature nomination — and it wouldn't be a surprise if it won, too. The film's director, Morgan Neville, previously won in the category in 2014 for 20 Feet From Stardom.

Mission: Impossible — Fallout

Surprisingly, none of the Mission: Impossible movies have been nominated for an Oscar, but maybe the sixth film will change that. It's not uncommon for action movies to be nominated in categories like Sound Mixing and Sound Editing, and since Fallout really did have a lot to achieve in those areas, this could be Mission: Impossible's year.

Incredibles 2

If it pops up in the Best Animated Feature category, don't be surprised. Fun fact: The original Incredibles won the category back in 2005.

Sorry To Bother You

Sorry To Bother You has been widely praised for being so original, so it would make sense if it popped up in the Best Original Screenplay category with a nomination for writer-director Boots Riley.

Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade is another film that could easily score a Best Original Screenplay nomination. While it has gotten plenty of positive reviews, the overall takeaway has been how well writer and director Bo Burnham speaks to the middle school experience.


Searching, which got a wide release at the end of August, is getting positive reviews overall, but it's the aspect that makes it so unique that could bring it an Oscar nom. The entire movie is shown through computer screens the main character is looking at, which made for a long and difficult editing process — a Best Film Editing nomination could be in the future.

First Reformed

When it comes to nominations in the acting categories, one summer movie that could get one is First Reformed. Star Ethan Hawke has been praised for his role as a minister and it might even lead to a Best Actor nomination.

There are a lot more movies to come this year, including ones that will surely get nominations. And even though it feels like this year is winding down, there are still five more months before the Oscars air — plenty of time to check out these summer films and the ones that are coming up.