10 Scary 'Infinity War' Theories That Will Legit Make You Fear For Every Avenger's Life

On April 27, everything will change. At least for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, because that's when Infinity War comes out. Throughout the promotion of the film, everyone involved has promised that the third Avengers movie will be totally unexpected, but seeing as a few Avengers: Infinity War theories are really scary, you should probably count on getting a little jumpy at points.

First of all, Infinity War has to be terrifying because of its Big Bad, Thanos. He's already called the most powerful villain of any Marvel movie, and it's safe to say that he won't stop at anything to collect every Infinity Stone. As for the Stones, a few characters who possess the prized gems are in major jeopardy. Just take Vision, who has the Mind Stone implanted in his forehead, making him one of the most at-risk superheroes of all.

That doesn't mean that the others are necessarily guaranteed to get out alive, though. In fact, the opposite might be true, as the filmmakers behind Infinity War have made it clear that they won't be afraid to kill off major characters. If they're going to be so liberal with killing people off, who's to say that they will also make sure that Infinity War stays totally easy to watch at all times? They probably won't, so you might want to prepare yourself for some of these super scary fan theories that may or may not play out in the epic movie.


Everyone Will Die

According to the CBR, the Infinity Gauntlet comics (upon which Infinity War is based) ended with everyone dying "horrific deaths" while Thanos triumphed. Even though that will be both sad and scary to watch, the same theory posits that Avengers Part 4 will reveal Doctor Stranger using the Time Stone to go back in time to bring everyone back to life and defeat Thanos the second time around.


Iron Man Has The Soul Stone In His Brain

A theory published by CBR suggests that Howard Stark implanted the Soul Stone into his son's brain. If that were the case, then it would support related theories that Tony Stark will die in Infinity War.


It Will Be Revealed That Ultron Was Working For Thanos

SyFy Wire posits that Thanos could have gotten Ultron to weaken the Avengers by splitting them up. If this is true, it raises the question, what else did Thanos have an influence over from past Marvel movies?


Thanos Will Kill Heimdall On The Ship

The giant ship that showed up during Thor: Ragnarok's mid-credits scene was indeed Thanos', Screen Rant confirms. In attempting to justify why Thanos would want from the Asgardians, some have theorized that Thanos wanted to kill Heimdall, either because he has the Soul Stone somewhere or something else.

The Mary Sue has pointed out that an Infinity War figurine of Thor shows him holding Heimdall's highly valued sword. Losing Heimdall would be more sad than scary, but watching Thanos kill him on the Asgardians' ship would definitely be a terrifying moment in Infinity War if the theory proves correct.


Red Skull Will Come Back

SyFy Wire theorized Red Skull will return in Infinity War, as if Thanos weren't a scary enough super villain on his own.


A Series Of Possible Timelines Will Play Out And You Won't Know What's Real

One major theory posted by Screen Rant suggests that Infinity War will show infinite timelines that may or may not ever end. That means that you could watch your favorite heroes die over and over again, and based on this theory, it could be pretty brutal.


Someone Will Rip The Mind Stone From Vision's Head And Kill Him

This one is basically teased in the Infinity War trailer, and considering that Vision has an Infinity Stone implanted into his forehead, he's one of the most doomed heroes of all.


Some Avengers Were Replaced By Shape-Shifting Aliens In The Past

According to CBR, a longtime fan theory suggests that some of the Avengers were actually taken over by Skrulls, the aliens that took human form, even before Infinity War. Should Thanos find a way to manipulate the Skrulls, he will gain excessive influence over the Avengers. Is there anything more terrifying than evil shape-shifting aliens posing as beloved heroes? Probably not.


9. Scarlet Witch Will Turn Evil

A theory published by Cheat Sheet suggests that Wanda Maximoff has always had a nebulous allegiance to the Avengers. In Civil War she destroyed the building in Lagos — by accident, to her defense — which led to the Sokovia Accords, and if Vision dies, she might react by using her powers against the Avengers, some theorize.


Thanos Will Kill One Of His "Children"

Cinema Blend listed sisters Gamora and Nebula among the most endangered Marvel characters. Considering that Thanos raised them both, seeing him kill his own kin might be a terrifying moment in Infinity War.

You might just need to bring a teddy bear to the theater when you go see Infinity War.