10 Shoes That Won't Cause Blisters — PHOTOS

New shoes are fun... but blisters most certainly are not. So, how can you avoid them? What are some great shoes that won't cause blisters? Luckily for us, there are actually a lot of great options out there — and we're not just talking orthopedic shoes that look like something they'd prescribe you at your podiatrist's office. No, we're talking cute, on-trend shoes that you could actually wear for a variety of occasions — be it the workplace, walk-filled vacations on cobblestoned streets, or even a weddings and other formal occasion.

So, let's get down to it: What's the secret to finding styles that won't aggravate blisters? Well, first off, it's worth checking out certain brands, specifically brands that are known for placing a high value on comfort. Materials are important, too — shoes made with soft leather, padded footbeds, and fabrics with a lot of give are definitely less likely to chafe your feet. Keeping all that in mind, let's do a little shopping, and take a look at some super comfy shoes that will keep your feet from getting angry at you. Everyone's different, of course — but these shoes, brands, and styles are definitely a good place to start.

1. Gentle Souls Ankle Strap Demiwedges

Gentle Souls Ankle Strap Demiwedges, $195, bloomingdales.com

Gentle Souls Ankle Strap Demiwedges, $195, Bloomingdales

Halfway between flats and wedges, these adorable ballerina-inspired shoes are versatile and perfect for just about every occasion. Plus, the cushioning and soft leather means they're pretty much blister-free!

2. Cole Haan ZERØGRAND Wingtip Oxford

Women's ZERØGRAND Wingtip Oxford in Pale Lilac Suede, $139.95, colehaan.com

Cole Haan ZERØGRAND Wingtip Oxford, $200, Cole Haan

Cute and trendy, yet lightweight, flexible, and as comfy as all get-out.

3. Bernie Mev Cuddly Sneakers

Bernie Mev 'Cuddly' Sneaker, $59.95, nordstrom.com

Bernie Mev Cuddly Sneaker, $60, Nordstrom

Since they're basically made out of woven elastic straps, these Mary Janes conform to your foot for a flawless fit. Add in some cushiony soles and a trendy '90s vibe, and you've got some truly happy feet.

4. Clarks Phenia Carnaby Boot

Phenia Carnaby, $99.99, clarksusa.com

Clarks Phenia Carnaby, $91, 6pm

Clarks is known for their walking-friendly shoes, and these mid-heeled boots happen to be super adorable.

5. Sanuk Yoga Slings

Yoga Sling Ella, $38, sanuk.com

Sanuk Yoga Sling, $38, Amazon

Between the soft jersey straps and the yoga mat soles (yep, they're really made out of yoga mats), these sandals are your ticket to a blister-free summer.

6. Nike Flyknit Lace Up Sneakers

Women's Free RN Flyknit Lace Up Sneakers, $120, bloomingdales.com

Nike Flyknit Lace Up Sneakers, $120, Bloomingdales

Known for their lightweight flexibility and preternatural comfort, sneakers like the popular Nike Flyknits are a great option for avoiding blisters.

7. Aerosoles Urban Myth Boots

Urban Myth, $69.99, aerosoles.com

Aerosoles Urban Myth Boots, $40-45, Amazon

When it comes to comfy shoes, you kind of can't go wrong with Aerosoles — and these booties happen to be really cute, too!

8. Naturalizer Cyprine Block Heel Mules

Cyprine, $79.99, naturalizer.com

Naturalizer Cyprine, $84, Zappos

Naturalizer's another brand known for having comfortable shoes, and this stylish mule is no different.

9. Eileen Fisher Tumbled Nubuck Eva Sandal

Eva Sandal, $235, eileenfisher.com

Eileen Fisher Eva Sandal, $141, Nordstrom

Made with soft leather and elastic straps, as well as a padded footbed, these sandals should help your feet stay cozy.

10. Puma Bow Sneaker Fenty by Rihanna

Puma Bow Sneaker Fenty by Rihanna, $160, zappos.com

Puma Boy Sneaker Fenty by Rihanna, $95, Puma

You know what the best part about Rihanna's latest shoe drop is? They're every bit as comfortable as they are trendy.

So, from fancy leather flats, to pastel satin sneakers, this list has got you covered — here's to the abolishment of blisters!