10 Lyrics To Post On Insta That Perfectly Capture Your Feelings About Going Back To School

As the summer starts to fade into fall and the school year is clear on the horizon, students set to go back to school begin feeling, well, lots: There's sadness for the summer's end, excitement for the year ahead, and a whole lot of anxiety around words like "alarm clock" and "textbook" and "exam." The return of the school year is a struggle most of us have had to face for hundreds of years. So you better believe there are some pretty amazing and relevant song lyrics about going back to school.

Everyone from the rock stars to metal heads to the indie crooners have suffered from back-to-school scaries and campus crushes, and everything in between. Here I've rounded up some of their scholastic songs to prove it. Use these lyrics as Instagram captions on your first day of school, or listen to these songs to get you pumped up for the new year. No matter how difficult school might be for you, know that you have the power to make it through and it will all be worth it in the end. When in doubt, listen to music that understands your struggle and let it empower you. You got this! It's not for forever!

"Beauty school dropout / No graduation day for you." - Frankie Avalon

"Don't know much about history / Don't know much biology / Don't know much about a science book, Don't know much about the french I took / But I do know that I love you, / And I know that if you love me, too, / What a wonderful world this would be." - Sam Cooke

I used to get mad at my school / The teachers who taught me weren't cool / You're holding me down / Turning me round / Filling me up with your rules." - The Beatles

"So be true to your school now / Just like you would to your girl or guy / Be true to your school now / And let your colors fly / Be true to your school." - The Beatles

"Don't want to be taught to be no fool / Rock, rock, rock, rock, rock 'n' roll high school." - The Ramones

"On a bus stop in the town / "We rule the school" / Written for everyone to see and read." - Belle & Sebastian

"And that's what I learned in school today / That's what I learned in school." - Pete Seeger

"In the afternoon, you're out on the stone and grass / And I'm sleeping on the balcony after class." - Vampire Weekend

"Who says we have to let it go? It's the best part we've ever known / Step into the future." - High School Musical 2

"He's got his own way of getting things done / He's always looking out for number one / Don't try to beat him cause he's already won / And he's too cool for school." - Fountains of Wayne