10 Super Pretty Anti-Unicorn Charcoal Hairstyles

by Alexa Tucker

Colorful unicorn-inspired hairstyles have been trending for months. Salons all over the globe have been coming up with new techniques for loud, bold, pseudo-mythical styles, and the look shows no signs of slowing down. But what about those of us who stock our wardrobes with shades of black and consider blue jeans colorful? Luckily, there's a new anti-unicorn trend to please our ice cold hearts — charcoal hair.

The new look is a take on the silvery-gray hair dye hues that are still beyond gorgeous, but pretty difficult to maintain unless you already have a super light hair color. With charcoal hair, there's often no need to start by bleaching every last strand, because for some people the color is darker than their natural shade.

There are different variations of the charcoal look — some are lighter than others, while others skew more towards a black hue. Some have teal undertones, and some give off hints of purple. You can go with an ombré look, an all-over shade, or even just the ends of your hair (no root touch-ups required).

Here are 10 pretty styles to inspire you to go charcoal if your soul is just a touch too dark for a unicorn vibe (me too).

1. Balayage Lob

This charcoal look is balayage, which means it's been hand-painted for extra-pretty dimension.

2. Silver Bobby Pin Inspo

Even if you're not going charcoal, this look shows off a cool new way to style hair with bobby pins.

3. Hint Of Silver

An element of silver in this look adds a bright pop.

4. Dark Gray Ends

This ombré style goes from charcoal to nearly black at the ends.

5. Subtle Violet Vibes

This charcoal color has quiet but pretty violet undertones.

6. 50 Shades Of Highlights

Varying shades of charcoal highlights create stunning depth here.

7. Brown Meets Charcoal

If you don't want to commit to full charcoal, this look borders on a natural brown shade.

8. Blue And Gray Curls

Blue highlights blend right in with these charcoal curls.

9. Touch Of Teal

Depending on the light, this color can look charcoal or teal.

10. Charcoal Ends

And if you just want a touch of dark gray, subtle dip-dyed ends are the way to go.