10 Things Your Body Is Trying To Tell You If You Sweat In Your Sleep


A good night's rest can become unpleasant pretty quickly if you don't feel like you're able to regulate your temperature. Sweating in your sleep, however, is not necessarily the sign of a medical problem. Still, your body could be signaling you to make some changes — so it's important to pay attention.

While people you know may not be talking about it, night sweats are not at all uncommon. "Sweating in your sleep is actually common in men, women and children," Janette Nesheiwat, M.D, board certified in family and emergency medicine, tells Bustle. Night sweating is not, therefore, necessarily a red flag.

"While sweating in your sleep, or night sweating, can be a sign of an underlying medical problem, that's not necessarily always the case," board certified anesthesiologist Dr. Brian Kerr, tells Bustle. "Night sweating can be caused by external factors like your mattress (does it hold heat), too much clothing at night, or the person you may be sharing your bed with." A process of elimination after changing up your habits and sleep environment may help you figure out what issue is causing these symptoms.

If night sweats are combined with any other noticeable health changes, it is important to see a doctor. But if sweating in your sleep is a new, and not necessarily bothersome, issue, then you may simply need to make a few changes to your nighttime routine.

Here are ten things your body is trying to tell you if you sweat in your sleep, according to experts.