10 Tweets About Being Left-Handed That Show The Struggle Is Real

It's a right-handed world, and left-handed people are just livin' in it. According to Live Science, only 10 percent of the population is left handed, and as a result lefties have to adapt to a society designed for righties. These tweets from lefties on International Left Handers Day show that the struggle is real, and they just might help you develop some empathy for your lefty friends. If you're a righty, you might not know that most products are designed for you, and you probably get impatient when your left-handed friend can't seem to leave you a non-smudged note.

Lefties have to adapt everything from right-handed scissors, to musical instruments, to kitchen utensils, and more. While there are products designed specifically for lefties, they tend to be more expensive. Many left-handed musicians string right-handed guitars upside down (like Kurt Cobain), or learn to play right handed (like Lady Gaga). For left-handed people, the world appears backward, and it can be endlessly frustrating to have to try to use things made for righties.

It only makes sense that there is a day set aside for lefties to air their grievances and rally support for their silent struggle. In the UK, myriad events are scheduled to celebrate lefties and educate righties about what's it like to try to navigate the world with their non-dominant hand. It's time to acknowledge your right-handed privilege and listen to lefties. It just might make you a little more compassionate the next time your left-handed friend can't open that can of soup with your right-handed can opener.


The Struggle Of Ink Hand

If you've ever wondered why lefties always seem to have ink on their hands, it's not because they have poor hand-washing behavior. When a left-handed person holds a pen, they're basically forced to write backward across the page, and the side of their hand drags in the ink. This is why they're also more likely to have ink on their faces and clothes.


When Nothing Is Made For You

From notebooks to sporting equipment to those terrible desk-chair combos, lefties are forced to adapt to a world made just for righties.


Being Disciplined For Using Your Left Hand

If you have a left-handed grandparent or older relative, ask them about their experiences at school. Back in old-timey days, being left handed was viewed as a defect, and lefties (including my grandmother) were often disciplined at school for using their left hands. As a result, many of these people are now ambidextrous.


Left-Handed Shame

Righties, your left-handed friends are not trying to annoy you or make your life more difficult. They're actually trying to make things easier for themselves. So, if your lefty bestie forgets to move the mouse back to the right side of the computer, remember that it's cool to be kind.


Yeah, You're Going To Have To Move

Lefties, let there be no shame in your game. You deserve to eat your dinner without knocking over your neighbor's wine. Speak up for yourself and ask your right-handed dinner companions to accommodate you.


Raise A Glass To Lefties

Lefties have it so hard that some (likely left-handed) genius put National Prosecco Day and International Left Handers Day together. Lefties, celebrate by drinking a glass of sparkly bubbles with your left hand. You've earned it.


Being a Lefty Is Dangerous Business

While lefties often get labeled as clumsy, they actually have more accidents and mishaps because they're forced to use things made for righties. The next time your left-handed BAE cuts their hand with your right-handed scissors, find your compassion and get them a bandage instead of delivering a sarcastic comment.


As If School Isn't Hard Enough

For lefties who attended schools that had these chair-desk combos, also known as left-handed torture devices, they were forced to awkwardly contort their bodies just to take notes in class. Seriously, stop the madness and get these people a few left-handed desks already.


Finding Your Identical Hand Twin

Finding another lefty is sort of like that time on Friends when Joey found his identical hand twin, but the hand twin was not impressed.


Buy Your Lefty Bestie A Gift Today

Now that you know just how much lefties have suffered in silence for millennia, if you have a lefty bestie, family member, or BAE, find your humanity on International Left Handers Day and, for the love of god, get them some left-handed scissors.