10 Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Spring Makeover

Open the windows, put away the knee-high boots, and switch your daily coffee order to iced, y’all, because spring is definitely here. And with spring comes…seasonal allergies? No. Well, yes, but also: the urge for spring cleaning!

Okay, perhaps urge isn’t quite the right word. For many of us, it’s more of a necessity. But while you’re making your spring cleaning to-do list, don’t forget to have some fun. Vacuuming and dusting is a must, sure. But take some extra time and effort to redecorate for spring, too! It doesn’t have to be your entire home, but definitely the most important part: your bedroom.

Think about why spring cleaning is such a thing, anyway. It’s because spring is the unofficial season for renewal, rebirth, etc. (Also, more hours of daylight allow you to actually see just how serious the dust accumulation has become.) Taking this time of year to spruce things up can truly give you a new lease on life.

Pier 1 Imports has all the homewares you want and need, and then some. So fittingly, we’ve partnered with them to give you ideas for how to give your bedroom a much-welcomed spring makeover. Read on for tips and inspiration.

Pick a color palette

Fotolia / Diana Hlevnjak

If you find interior decorating endeavors somewhat daunting, a good place to start is by deciding on a color scheme. It makes it easier to choose the rest of your pieces or decide what current items of yours to swap in. Gauge your own spring mood. We find shades of gray, lavender, and light blue to be incredibly soothing. Eager to get out of a lazy winter slump? Opt for bright oranges and greens!

Pack away the winter clothes

Collin Gray Wicker Shelf Storage Baskets, $14.95 - $24.95, Pier 1

Switching over your seasonal wardrobes is a great way to feel productive. Highly recommend. Because winter clothes tend to be much bulkier, your may need some extra storage during warm-weather months. Pick out baskets that can be tucked away under your bed or high above, on shelves or on top a wardrobe.

Collin Gray Wicker Shelf Storage Baskets, Pier 1

Make a DIY linen spray


Spring is all about feeling fresh, so why not smell the part, too? A linen spray will give your room a subtle, pleasing scent with little effort. To make, simply mix four-parts water and one-part witch hazel with a few drops of your favorite essential oil into a spray bottle using a funnel. Spritz on your sheets or in your closet for a pleasant pick-me-up.

Get some new wall art

Framed Standing Bulldog Dog Art, $26.98, Pier 1

New wall art is a surefire way to change up any space. You can also take what you already have hanging in your bedroom and move it all to one section to create an accent wall. Or shop around your own home and take pieces from another room.

Framed Standing Bulldog Dog Art, Pier 1

Give your floors some love

Cara Damask Gray Rug, $119.98 - $599.98, Pier 1

Since your floors are now all swept up and vacuumed (right?), now would be the perfect time to lay down a rug! Even if you prefer wood floors over carpet, a rug can be great for tying the room together without being too over-the-top.

Cara Damask Gray Rug, Pier 1

Add some decorative pillows

Fuzzy Llama Pillow, $39.95, Pier 1

Throw pillows are quite possible the easiest — and most fun — way to change up your bedroom decor. No nailing or hanging required!

Fuzzy Llama Pillow, Pier 1

...and more throw blankets while you’re at it

Citron Chenille Throw, $31.96, Pier 1

These blankets serve the dual purpose or adding a fun pop of color to your decor and also providing extra warmth. Spring nights can get deceivingly chilly.

Citron Chenille Throw, Pier 1

Remember, nothing says spring like florals

Faux Pink & Green Hydrangea Stem, $6.95, Pier 1

Sure, technically you can pick up a bouquet any time of the year (Valentine’s Day, people). But spring is the best time to incorporate flowers — or any greenery, really — into your home decor. If buying fresh flowers weekly isn’t your thing, there’s no shame in going for faux. It’s all about aesthetics.

Faux Pink & Green Hydrangea Stem, Pier 1

Switch out the heavy duvet

Essex Lilac Quilt & Sham, $27.96 - $135.96, Pier 1

A Duvet is a bit too much, but a quilt is just right. Enjoy this time of mild sleeping temperatures while you can!

Essex Lilac Quite & Sham, Pier 1

Change up your window treatments

Cherry Blossom Blue Grommet Curtain, $44.95 - $54.95, Pier 1

Window treatments are another foundational element to bedroom decor. We love these curtains from Pier 1 for their cherry blossom pattern — a telltale sign that spring has arrived.

Cherry Blossom Blue Grommet Curtain, Pier 1

This article is sponsored by Pier 1 Imports.