100 Ways To Fight Back In Trump's First 100 Days

by Natasha Guzmán

Donald Trump is now President Trump. As he tweeted Friday, "THE MOVEMENT CONTINUES - THE WORK BEGINS!" If you're one of the millions who voted against him, you're probably thinking of working for a different movement. The fight against his policies will last four (possibly eight) years, but for the time being, let's start with 100 ways to oppose President Trump's first 100 days.

His 100-day action plan includes, among other things, the promises to terminate "every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum and order issued by President Obama," suspend immigration from "terror-prone regions" and begin "extreme vetting" of everyone entering the United States, and cancel "Clinton-Obama roadblocks" that make energy projects like Keystone Pipeline more difficult to approve. The plan concludes with a list of 10 bills President Trump wants to pass, such as the End Illegal Immigration Act, which would fund his famous wall across the U.S.-Mexico border. And on Saturday, Trump took the next step to repeal Obamacare.

While it may feel like there’s not much you can do now that we are officially being led by the Trump administration, there are many ways you can show resistance and make change. Whether you choose to use your funds, your voice, your profession, or your education, you can definitely challenge the government in ways that will make those in power listen.


1. Tell your governor to pass legislations that protect undocumented immigrants. One of Trump's goals is to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, which allows undocumented immigrants who arrived to the United States when they were under the age of 16 and prior to 2007 to receive renewable 2-year work permits and protection from deportation. Certain states — such as California, New York, Washington, New Jersey, and others — have passed laws allowing undocumented students to pursue a college education and to pay in-state tuition rates. With Trump leading the executive branch, trying to make changes in your state is a great way. Contact your governor and your senator urging them to fight for hardworking immigrants.

2. Donate to Emily's List. Hillary may have lost, but there is still a long list of hardworking pro-choice women trying to get elected into government.

3. Share statistics about sexual assault. A man who has been accused of groping and harassing multiple women is now president. It's vital that the public get educated about sexual assault.

4. Start telling people to register to vote now. We can't let 2020 be a repeat of 2016.

5. Share facts about the United States' immigration system. Much of the hostility toward undocumented immigrants in the United States stems from a lack of understanding of the immigration system. Many Americans mistakenly believe that the process of becoming "legal" is simple, which results in the belief that immigrants who aren't naturalized are either lazy or scammers. Sharing information about why it's actually very difficult to become a legal immigrant in the U.S. with others is a good way to foster understanding.

6. Support the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health. The quickest way to help this organization is to donate, but you can also contribute by attending events, interning, and keeping up with their newsletter.

7. Tell everyone to watch The Invisible War and The Hunting Ground. The stories of the women in these documentaries are sure to move most viewers. If you know anyone who doubts that the system is rigged against sexual assault victims, direct them to these films.

8. Donate to The American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU fights to protect the civil liberties and constitutional rights of all Americans. With a track record nearly 100 years old and a network with a presence in all 50 states, this organization is one of the most active protectors of freedom in the U.S. The ACLU primarily focuses on fighting for justice within courtrooms, but the group also has an active presence in Washington lobbying for progressive laws. Not only that, but they are already working to hold President Trump accountable by demanding all documents relating to his possible conflicts of interest be released. Donate today.

9. Retweet Trump every time he says or does something that he previously contradicted himself on. Like the time he won the presidency because of the Electoral College, but had already slammed the system in 2012 after mistakenly believing that President Obama had been reelected without the popular vote.

10. Write #StillWithHer in your social media bios. Or #StillWithBernie, if that's who you were rooting for.

11. Volunteer as an abortion clinic escort. Because Trump's victory means abortion clinics need more security than ever.

12. Support feminist media. It's important to keep women-friendly outlets alive. Some great options are Bitch Magazine, Bust, Top Rank Magazine, and Ms. Magazine.

13. Donate to NAACP.

14. Donate to GLAAD.

15. Donate to RAINN.

16. Donate to Planned Parenthood. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have both stated their intentions to defund Planned Parenthood. Fight back by providing them with the funds they'll need to keep preserving women's healthcare.

17. Listen to Rep. John Lewis and get into "good trouble." Take a look back at Lewis' history of activism for some inspiration.

18. Start working on getting Republicans out of Congress now. The midterm elections are in 2018. Donate to It Starts Today to contribute to a Democratic victory.

19. Call out fake news stories when you see them. While the claim that fake news may have swung the election is likely not accurate, there has been a rise in the amount of fake news Americans are being exposed to. Thanks to social media, false news can quickly go viral and misinform thousands, sometimes millions, of people. When you see a fake story, call it out on your social media platforms and be sure to provide evidence—videos, documents, etc.

20. When you protest, do it peacefully. By engaging in violence, Trump's narrative gains the upper hand.

21. Get familiar with the Constitution and call Trump out whenever he threatens to violate it. Like when he says he's going to "open up" libel laws so journalists can be more easily prosecuted.

22. Praise journalists and commentators who keep criticizing Trump when he messes up. Like this CNN panel.

23. Keep track of Donald Trump's promises. It will be vital to monitor Trump's follow-through rate when it comes to his promises. He made quite a few just for the first 100 days of his presidency. Keeping up with his proposals for the first 100 days will increase the pressure for the rest of his presidency. Tracking his record throughout the entire four years will be vital for the 2020 election.

24. Keep pointing out all the times Trump flipped on a position. Because at one point, it becomes clear that the man can't be depended on.

25. Remind Trump's supporters that he doesn't respect them. There were numerous indicators during the election that President Trump didn't believe his voters were too bright. They might not care when Democrats hold this opinion, but perhaps they'll mind when it's the man they voted for.

26. Track what legislators are doing. Keep up with what your congressman or congresswoman is introducing to Congress. Or, track any bill you're interested in around the country and spread the news on social media to keep residents of that state aware. keeps you updated on legislators and bills, and the site's search tool conveniently allows you to find bills by subject matter. Whenever you see a piece of legislature that you either support or oppose, make sure to write to spread the word in your community and online and contact the official leading the cause.

27. Go to protests. Protesting is important. If you have the time and feel strongly about something Trump or his surrogates are doing, find a protest near you and go.

28. Organize a protest. Can't find a demonstration near you? Organize one yourself. Rookie's article specifically discusses student protests, but most of their tips can be applied to any kind of protest.

29. Keep reminding Trump that he lost the popular vote. Ok, so this is petty, but it undeniably gets under the new president's skin. Perhaps the constant reminder that he lost to Clinton by nearly 3 million votes will humble him a bit. Probably won't. Still, you'll feel better.

30. Call out the normalization of Trump. If you see a media outlet, organization, public figure, or even people in your immediate circle treating Trump's inflammatory rhetoric as "the new normal" that we must accept, point it out and discourage it.

31. Donate to the Council on American–Islamic Relations. CAIR is one of the leading organizations defending the rights of Muslims in the United States. Considering President Trump's statements regarding Muslims, this organization will be a vital one during the next administration. Donate here.

32. Remind people of Trump's outlandish comments. The public tends to have a collective short-term memory, especially when it comes to politics and history. Use your social media platforms to remind others how outlandish Trump's comments during the election were.

33. Join Michael Moore in his "100 days of resistance." The filmmaker is organizing rallies and protests across the country to show opposition to Trump's presidency.

34. Report Trump-related hate crimes to the media. Really, all hate crimes, Trump-related or not. If you are attacked or harassed, or see someone else being attacked or harassed, bring it to the public's consciousness. It's important that people see the effects of the Trump campaign's rhetoric.

35. Know your rights and let other people know theirs. Knowing your rights is vital if you plan on protesting.

36. Inform Putin's new fans about his real goals. Republicans are apparently warming up to Putin lately. Perhaps informing Trump's supporters on the ulterior motives Putin likely has for supporting their candidate (hint: they're not pro-America) will lead them to question this newfound admiration and start to wonder about their leader's association with the Russian president.

37. Sign a petition against Jeff Sessions. If you oppose the nomination of Jeff Sessions, whose past is riddled with accusations of racism, sign this petition now.

38. Sign a petition against Steve Bannon. There are multiple petitions against Donald Trump's nomination of Steve Bannon, former CEO of the far-right website Breitbart News. Two good ones to start with, if you're interested in signing any, are one on and another on MoveOn.

39. Sign a petition against Rex Tillerson. Like Trump's other nominee picks, Rex Tillerson's possible role as America's new Secretary of State is alarming to many. In this case, as the CEO of the oil company ExxonMobil, he is a concerning pick for those who care about the environment. If you'd like to oppose Tillerson, there are quite a few petitions to choose from.

40. Support the Women's Health Protection Act. According to the WHPA website, this federal bill would prohibit states from "imposing restrictions on abortion that apply to no similar medical care, interfere with patient’s personal decision making, and block access to safe, legal abortion care. The Act would prohibit state and federal politicians from imposing a range of dangerous anti-choice provisions." Take a look at all the different ways you can support this vital piece of legislature.

41. Support Black Lives Matter. Considering Trump's belief that Stop-And-Frisk should be mandated nationwide, his insistence that the Central Park Five are guilty, and a history of allegedly indulging in racial discrimination, the work of Black Lives Matter is crucial. You can show your support by donating and by showing up to BLM-led protests and events.

42. Boycott businesses that support Trump's brands. Boycotting is one of the most effective ways of protesting. By refusing to shop at stores that carry the Trump brand, you put concrete pressure on retailers to reconsider their partnership with the president. There's actually an app to help with this.

43. Start a petition asking companies supporting the Trump brand to cut ties. In addition to not giving these businesses financial support, starting a petition is a great way to show them concrete numbers of just how many people oppose their partnerships with the president.

44. Share your stories of being personally affected by the new administration. Whether you choose to do it in conversation with those around you, on your social media platforms, or by telling the media, ultimately the experiences of real people are what will determine whether or not Trump is great for America.

45. Donate to food banks. Services like food banks face a shaky future under Trump. If you're worried about the hungry, giving money to your local food bank is a solid way to help.

46. Volunteer for your favorite progressive organization. Most activist groups and nonprofits stay afloat thanks to donations and they're always welcome to more help. If you've got the time, become a volunteer.

47. Choose your protest locations strategically. Like these pro-LGBT activists who held a "dance party" around Mike Pence's neighborhood and next to his home.

48. Tweet Trump every skit Saturday Night Live makes about him. Alec Baldwin's portrayal seems to really irritate him. Be sure to send him the video of every upcoming SNL skit featuring Baldwin's Trump, of which there will undoubtedly be many.

49. Tweet Trump every time another celebrity says they don't like him. Judging from how quickly he responds to news of celebrities not liking him, it's clear that this is a sore spot for the president. If you're feeling petty, be sure to let him know of every new famous name that disses him.

50. Spread the Trump-wears-a-wig conspiracy theory. Consider it payback for all the conspiracies he pushed during the election. He may be president, but we the people are still doubtful about that hair.

51. Remind yourself that he lost the popular vote. When you're wondering how America could've let this happen, console yourself with the fact that most voters did not want this outcome.

52. Donate to organizations in Trump's or Pence's name. Remember when more than 50,000 people donated to Planned Parenthood in Pence's name? Keep doing the same thing with your favorite progressive organizations.

53. Learn how to lobby. One of the most effective ways to get Congress to listen to you is to meet with a member. If you feel strongly about a particular piece of legislation Trump is trying to push, plan a visit with a legislator you think will fight for your cause, or perhaps a legislator who opposes your cause and whom you'd like to explain your side to.

54. Start a local group. The Tea Party began with the grassroots efforts of dissatisfied anti-Obama conservatives, and one of their primary tactics was to focus locally. Eventually, the group became a force that genuinely made it more difficult for the president to push his agenda.

55. Start keeping up with your congressman/congresswoman and local officials. They don't get as much attention as the president, but local legislators are the public servants who have the most direct effect on your community. Sign up for their newsletters, follow them on social media, and get their contact information. Whenever they do something you support or oppose, speak up and take action.

56. Get creative with how you spread information. Follow the example of the activists who successfully got Anita Alvarez out of office. A lot of people don't have the time to go on social media or watch the news and therefore aren't exposed to a lot of what's going on in the political world. Put up flyers around your neighborhood, and if you've got the money, fund a billboard letting people know about the issue you care about. Think of innovative ways to inform others about issues they might otherwise not hear about.

57. Like Meryl said, support journalism. Donate to the Committee to Protect Journalists and/or to other organizations dedicated to protecting the freedom of the press.

58. Follow legislators on social media and spread their content. Another way to keep others informed. Maybe you've got friends who'd have no idea what their senator is up to if you didn't retweet him/her onto their timelines.

59. Hold fundraisers to finance your efforts. A lot of activist work requires money, whether it's paying a fee for a protest permit, trying to get a billboard, or hosting a website.

60. Read Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda and share it with everyone you know. A group of former congressional staffers wrote this guide outlining the most effective ways to get Congress to listen to you. The guide is available to be downloaded for free in English and Spanish. It can also be read directly online.

61. Support initiatives seeking to Reform the Electoral College. Contact your state legislators and ask them to support the National Popular Vote bill.

62. Create a platform to share your views. Start a blog, a YouTube channel, a magazine, or any platform you feel comfortable using.

63. Share your expertise. Do you work in government and feel frustrated with the misconceptions people have about how the system works? Are you a doctor frustrated with myths about abortion? Use your knowledge to inform people. Write an article for a media outlet or use your own platform.

64. Organize a letter-writing campaign. Coordinate with people in your community or in your state to put pressure on your legislators to oppose retrogressive Trump policies.

65. Share the documentary Hate Rising. Journalist Jorge Ramos spent months traveling the United States during the 2016 election observing how Trump's discourse was fostering a sense of hatred among his supporters. The film Hate Rising, which chronicles this journey, is an eye-opener.

66. Support Democrats who are actively fighting against Trump. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts continues to be one of the president's fiercest critics. Supporting legislators like her sends a message to other Democrats who give in to the GOP more easily.

67. Study successful movements and protests. Reading about activists who effectively created change will make you more effective yourself.

68. Call out ignorance when you see or hear it. You don't have to get into a fight with someone you witness saying something ignorant, but explaining why you believe a comment is uncalled for can go a long way.

69. Point out when history is repeating itself. Remember when a Trump adviser said there were plans for a future Muslim registry? Once upon a time, that same thing existed for a different religious group in Germany, which led to a gradual escalation of discriminatory measures. Ultimately, the results were terrible.

70. Tell everyone to read It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis. Lewis' 1935 satirical novel is eerily relevant to the 2016 election. Senator Berzelius Windrip and his campaign mirror Trump and his rise to power to an unnerving degree. The title It Can't Happen Here refers to the disbelief liberals felt toward Windrip's possible victory, similar to Democrats, who arguably became over-confident about Clinton's chances. Reading Lewis' work could just be the wakeup call we all need.

71. Share funny Trump memes. Because you're going to need a laugh.

72. Join an activist organization. Is there a group you particularly admire? Become a part of it.

73. Change your habits to be more environmentally friendly. Trump will most likely not do anything to fight climate change, but you can still do things every day to reduce your negative impact on the planet. Recycle, plant a tree, turn off the lights when you leave a room — these kinds of small actions all help.

74. Donate to The Nature Conservancy. This nonprofit works to find solutions for our climate change problem.

75. Tell climate change skeptics to watch Chasing Ice. Do you know a climate change denier? The filmmaker behind Chasing Ice wasn't too convinced about it either, at first. Given Trump's own disbelief regarding the environmental crisis the earth is facing, it's important to make sure the American public's awareness increases.

76. Donate to the Democratic Party. If you want Congress to turn blue, donating to the Democrats is a good idea.

77. Tell everyone to watch The Central Park Five. This powerful documentary about five black and Latino teen boys who were wrongly convicted for the brutal rape of a white woman in Central Park is likely to make even some of the most ardent conservatives raise an eyebrow at the $85,000 that Trump (who still believes they are guilty) spent on full-page newspaper ads demonizing the boys.

78. Remind people that Trump has been accused of sexual assault by a long list of women. Especially when it starts to feel like old news.

79. Discuss how Trump's policies will hurt the white working class. Trump's overwhelmingly white voter base might want to wake up to the fact that his proposals mean a terrible future for them. And they might want to do it before 2020.

80. Share this call-to-action tool. Want to call your congressional representative? Use to immediately get the correct phone number by just typing in your address. Share this tool with everyone you know.

81. Donate to ThinkProgress. ThinkProgress' primary goal for the year of 2017 is holding the Trump administration accountable. Chip in to their Trump Investigative Fund now.

82. Share scientific studies regarding autism and vaccines. Trump has hired anti-vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to lead a committee focused on "vaccine safety." Share factual information from non-political, purely scientific sources to inform people who may still believe that vaccines cause autism.

83. Volunteer your skills. Do you know how to draw and see a tweet by a protest group asking for poster designs? Are you a good writer and hear of an organization asking for someone to write content for their website? These would be good instances in which you can actively help.

84. Be a morale-booster. If you sense that those around you or someone you interact with online is losing hope, remind them that there can be no progress if they give up.

85. Share this list of Trump products made overseas. For someone who's so concerned about jobs being outsourced to other countries, Trump sure has a lot of his own products made outside the United States. While he said he'd stop the practice if he were to win the election, isn't this something he should have committed to doing regardless of the outcome?

86. Share apps that make it easy to get free or low-cost birth control. With Republicans eliminating the mandate that required health insurance companies to cover birth control, these kinds of services are more important than ever.

87. Don't be distracted by his diversion tactics. While it's fun to laugh at his outlandish tweets every now and then, don't let ridiculous comments about Meryl Streep being overrated distract your from more important things.

88. Get ready to volunteer for the 2018 midterm elections. And tell your friends to do the same.

89. Give yourself a break. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed in your activist efforts, take some time for self-care.

90. Share this comic on how to call a representative when you have social anxiety. Because it's a serious challenge for many.

91. Create a rapid response team. Get five (or more!) people you know to agree to contact legislators as soon as something significant happens. Create a group chat and agree to contact one another whenever your senator, governor, mayor, etc. is making moves on something you oppose. Every time this happens, the whole group is to write letters/emails and make calls to the politician in question.

92. Create a hashtag for your cause. Who would've thought #BlackLivesMatter would become the force it is now today? Creating a hashtag is a great way to take advantage of social media.

93. Write Hillary Clinton a letter. If you supported her, writing her a letter to remind her (and yourself) that her fight wasn't in vain should help your own personal resistance to the new administration.

94. Share this list of governors. The list includes every U.S. governor along with their stance on Trump and contact information.

95. Share this list of Republicans who previously opposed Trump. When you find yourself needing to contact a GOP member, this list will be helpful in finding those easiest to sway to the Trump-resisting side.

96. Sign this petition asking Facebook to implement election reminders. This would keep millions of people updated on when their local and state elections take place.

97. Share these call scripts. Never called a legislator before? The 65 provides a large variety of scripts you can follow, organized by issue.

98. Tell news outlets what you want them to cover. If you feel like something isn't getting enough coverage, or perhaps that too much attention is being dedicated to what Melania Trump is wearing, let your news outlets know.

99. Subscribe to Project 1461. Every day, you'll receive notifications of new actions you can take to oppose Trump.

100. Run for office. If you think you're ready to lead in the world of politics, now is the time to start.

As you can see, there is a lot to do. So let's get started.