105 Brilliant Things On Amazon With 4.5-Star Ratings

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Ratings are gold when you're shopping for products on Amazon — and they often determine which items you deem worthy of spending your hard-earned money on. These 105 brilliant things on Amazon with 4.5-star ratings include a diverse array of health, beauty, cooking, organizational, and just plain fun products that you'd be excited to own no matter what their ratings were. Throw in the fact that they are Amazon superstars — products with 4.5-star ratings and countless positive reviews — and there's no doubt you can consider them among the absolute best products on Amazon.

Maybe you didn't set out to find a face cleanser or yet another sports bra. However, once you see how many rave reviews there are for a cleanser with pore-refining baking powder or a genius sports bra with a back pocket, you may find yourself unable to resist trying them out for yourself.

And the same goes for all of the items on this list, including a brilliant reversible throw blanket, an electric egg cooker that makes perfect eggs every time, and a smart stainless steel with a locking lid that's so popular it has more than 6,000 reviews.

These products are functional, affordable, and totally worthy of their 4.5-star ratings.

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