11 '90s Shows That Netflix Should Bring Back

I was born in 1988 and for that reason I was a sponge to '90s TV shows whether that meant watching a family sitcom, or a cartoon. I could say things were much easier in the '90s simply, because I was a kid and had no responsibilities other than my chores, making it through the school day and catching the latest episode All That on Saturdays. For those reasons, there are some '90s shows that Netflix should bring back to life.

Sure, there were those shows in the '90s that were forgettable, but some of the cheesiness was what made shows great. Think of how many moments you spent dancing and singing along to sax intros and waiting for the climatic lesson learned music come in. Not to mention the moment you realized that the live studio audience laughter you heard was nothing more than recycled clips of cheers and the notorious "WOOOO" whenever someone kissed.

These moments are still gold to me and I can only wish kids today get a chance to relish in the good, the bad and the cheesy like I did. So here's to hoping Netflix helps kids and adults relive '90s television in an era where chokers and overalls are already cycling back.


'Clarissa Explains It All'

First things first, I personally wanted every scrunchie Clarissa ever owned. She made pre-teen years look easy and reminded us that no family is perfect.


'All That'

Whether it was Principal Pimple or Baggin Saggin Mary I couldn't get enough of this Saturday night favorite and all of its improv shenanigans. The show featured guest musical performances by artists like Coolio and 3LW.


'Legends of the Hidden Temple'

This was one of a few favorite relay race shows on Nickelodeon in the '90s. The objective was to get through several challenges and obstacles narrated by Olmec.



This show had us falling in love with quirky relationships. We followed Martin Lawrence's relationship with Gina, the fly chick no one quite understood how Martin pulled. This show had all of us saying "Damn, Gina" — also personally guilty for using that now.


'Are You Afraid of the Dark'

This show gave me nightmares but no matter how many night sweats and neurotic shower curtain punches, I couldn't stop watching a group of friends tell stories that were probably way too scary for my age group. Stars like Ryan Gosling and Tia and Tamara Mowry made appearances, too!


'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'

If I never become a successful rapper, one thing is for sure, I along with millions of others know the Fresh Prince rap verbatim. Long live the Carlton dance.


'Hey Arnold!'

Looking back, Hey Arnold! had a deeper premise than I could understand at age 11. Two inner city buds running into issues like stealing, jealousy, bullying, and winning over your dream girl.


'Rocko's Modern Life'

Rocko shows us what it's like to get your first real job in corporate, be terrible at it, and still enjoy your life no matter the obstacles that accompany it.


'Keenan & Kel'

We all have that friend with terrible bad luck and even worse ideas. I looked forward to seeing what Keenan and Kel could get themselves into whether it dealt with working, women, or what Kel wouldn't do for an orange soda.


'Wild & Crazy Kids'

It wouldn't be '90s Nickelodeon without a pie in the face, slime, or a good dunk tank. This show made every kid's dream come true in the spirit of a good relay competition.


'Smart Guy'

T.J. Henderson skipped a few grades and learned that even though he had book smarts, he still needed to know the ropes when it came to handling the drama that comes with high school.

So if we're lucky, these shows could be brought back to life by Netflix at some point (fingers crossed).