11 Alexa Productivity Hacks That'll Keep You On Track All Day

by Syeda Khaula Saad
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Life can get super hectic sometimes. With balancing work, a personal life, and a social life, checking everything off your list is easier said than done. Thankfully, if you have an Amazon Alexa, help is just a few words away. There are plenty of Alexa productivity hacks for planning your day so things feel just a little less chaotic.

In fact, the stress of having to get things done could actually be hindering you from achieving your day's goals. According to a survey conducted by ComPsych, a management services company, 41% of people lose about 15-30 minutes of productivity time a day just because of stress. Thirty-six percent lose about an hour or more. But Apperian, a mobile phone management company, found that 23% of respondents said technologies like mobile apps can improve productivity in the workplace. And while your job may not be the only place you want to be productive, the numbers are telling. Technology might be able to improve productivity — but you have to know how to use it to your advantage.

So, here are 11 Alexa hacks that'll help you start your day, plan your schedule, stay productive, and get through the workweek like a champ:


Set Timers While Getting Ready

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If you want to get into the habit of getting ready more quickly in the morning, you can use Alexa's timers to make sure you're not taking too long to get ready. Simply say something along the lines of "Alexa, set a timer for 20 minutes," and you can make sure you're doing your morning routine in a timely manner. You'll be able to get out the door with just enough time to not worry about being late.


Use Announcements To Get Everyone Going

If you live with your family or other people and you all carpool or need to go to the same location, you can use Alexa's announcements to make sure everyone gets ready and leaves the house in time. Just say "Alexa, announce that we're leaving in 10 minutes," and the announcement will play on all of your supported household devices. Everyone will be on the same page, and you don't have to worry about screaming down the hall or checking every room.


Keep Track Of Your Schedule

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Part of planning your day involves knowing what that day already consists of. You can keep up with your calendar without even having to pull out your phone. Just ask your device something like, "Alexa, what's on my calendar today?" or "Alexa, when is my next meeting?" and you'll be able to make sure you're keeping up with your schedule even while you're busy doing other things.


Create Reminders Throughout Your Day

Sometimes planning your day happens after your day has already started. If you have a doctor's appointment to go to or an important phone call to make, you can ask Alexa to set a reminder to make sure you get things done. You can say, "Alexa, remind me to call Cheyenne at 3PM" and Alexa will even send you alert at that time letting you know you have something to do. You can go throughout your day adding reminders without even lifting a finger.


Make To-Do Lists

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One of the best ways you can plan out your day is by making to-do lists of the tasks you need to accomplish. And with the Alexa, you don't have to bust out a pen and paper or even reach for your Notes app. Say things like, "Alexa, put 'exercise' on my to-do list," and Alexa will put it on a to-do list that you can access either by voice or through the Alexa app. You can even use Alexa's Lists feature to plan out your shopping list for later in the day.


Check Your Email On The Go

In the hustle and bustle of everyday, you might not get a free second to sit down and check your email before getting into work, especially if you drive or have to do something else on your commute. With Alexa, you can check your email without missing a beat. You can ask, "Alexa, do I have emails from Shantel?" and your device will read your emails out loud and even let you verbally respond to any email.


Make Plans For Dinner

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Alexa can take away the stress of planning what to make for dinner every night. Just enable the "What's for Dinner" skill and say, "Alexa, what should I make for dinner?" and your device will make suggestions on what your meal should be. But not just that, Alexa will also provide recipes for you so that you can get step-by-step vocal instructions on how to prepare your meal. This takes the guesswork out of dinner.


Set A Routine For Going To Bed

Now Alexa can take all the work out of unwinding for the night. With the device's Routines feature, you can assign a series of actions to a location or time so that you can make sure you do everything you need to at night to have great sleep. Whether your Routine includes playing white noise, turning down the lights, setting a certain temperature, or all three and more, Alexa can do it all.


Set Wake-Up Alarms For The Next Day

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You can plan for your next day even before today ends. Alexa will set wake-up alarms for you so that you don't have to worry about sleeping in or being late to work in the morning. A command as simple as "Alexa, set an alarm for 7AM" can help you make sure you start your day on the right foot, as long as you enable the Wake Up skill. And if you're like me and need several alarms to wake you up, you can ask Alexa to set as many as you'd like.


Save Time On Your Showers

Are you one of those people whose showers run way too long? You can use Alexa's Shower Timer skill to help limit how much time you're spending in the tub. Whether you want to give yourself 15 minutes or just 5, the Shower Timer will help you save time (and water), helping you get to your next task even more quickly.


Get More Motivated To Conquer The Day

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Sometimes the best thing you can do for your productivity is get a little excited about starting your day. With Alexa's Daily Motivation skill, you can start your day with an inspiring quote that's sure to set a positive and go-getting mood for the rest of your day. By saying, "Alexa, start my day and motivate me," you'll be able to start your day on the right foot (and with the right words).

Whatever you day might look like, you can use Alexa to plan it a little better and relieve yourself of some stress.

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