11 Books To Read When You Turn 30, Because There Are Always More Great Lessons To Learn

Reading is one of those things in life that you literally cannot do enough of. One of the few positive by-products of commuting, switching off and being taken away is just about as mind bogglingly important as can be. Whether it's a piece of fiction, short stories for quick little adventures, a life guide, or your favourite public figure's autobiography — getting your nose in a book is just plain worth it. And lord knows, there are lots of books to read when you turn 30 that will help you while you're on that glow up and if like me, you recently hit that next decade.

Life is filled with eye opening lessons that help you form into a better human being. Well, I mean that you hope form you into a better human being. Reading is a way to look at other people's lesson, and perspectives — and take from them what you need to grow. Something especially important as you get older. Yep, I said older not old, not that the latter is an issue either.

The English language is filled with words that you absolutely need to learn, and reading is like, the absolute best way to fill up your boots and enhance your vocabulary so you are loquacious AF at your next work meeting/family event/Tinder date.