These Boots Beauty Products Have 5 Stars Reviews & Cost Under £10, So Get Involved

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Ah, Boots. The saviour of British pharmacies. Whether you have memories of being dragged around the brightly-lit store by your mum as a tot or that magical moment when you finally get your hands on an advantage card, there's no doubt that this high street pharmacy is a staple of the British shopping experience. But what makes the store even more appealing — especially when you can't rely on your parents anymore — is the vast array of Boots products for under £10 that are actually pretty decent.

From skincare to perfume, body spray to nail varnish, when you get the itch to find some bargains, Boots have more than enough to choose from. And I'm not just talking about any old products. Oh no. I have compiled a heavenly list of items that are all not only under double-digits, but they also have a five star rating on the Boots website.

These quality products will have you living your absolute best life this summer, and your bank account will definitely be thanking you for it. I mean, if there were ever a time to stock up on copious amounts of L'Aimant and 4711 body fragrance, soothing facial masks, and some refreshing Vichy water spray, it's during a sweltering, British heatwave, right? So go on, treat yourself.


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Soap & Glory Take Your Pink


Whether you want to smell like a dozen flowers or revitalize your skin and hair, these products will have you basking in relaxation. Especially since they won't be stretching your wallet.