These 'Chuck' Quotes Describe Summer For Adults So Well

When you were a kid, summer vacation meant freedom. There were endless afternoons in the pool, bedtimes were extended, and watching cartoons at 2 p.m. was totally acceptable behavior. It was a beautiful time of freedom and fun. Then there's summer as an adult, which is the actual worst. No show illustrates why the warm weather days just don't hold the same appeal for grownups better than Chuck.

NBC's spy dramedy features a group of characters who work in retail and moonlight as government agents. Downtime is not in their vocabulary, and anything that can go wrong, does go wrong. While the series takes place across all the seasons, there are so many Chuck quotes that will remind you why adulting in the summer is so hard.

For anyone who has aged out of the glorious days when you were gifted three months of freedom, these words of all-too-true wisdom from Chuck Bartowski and his pals should ring true. When summer means more work, higher electric bills, and no sign of a vacation, at least you can take comfort in knowing you don't have to head out on any crazy spy missions. And, even better, Chuck knows your pain — and has the perfect quote to help you express it.

1. "So In This Plan, I Basically Do Nothing?" — Chuck

Perfect for that moment when you look at your bank account and realize you can't afford to fly to Paris for a summer getaway, or you know, even buy lunch.

2. "What Happened, Chuck? You Used To Be Cool." — Morgan

File this one under things you say to yourself when you realize your 18-year-old cousin is in Peru, while you're saying no to BBQ plans because Netflix sounds more appealing.

3. "You know, If I Had A Blog, This Would Be A Really Big Day For Me. Do My Laundry. Check. Save My Sister's Life. Check. Save My Own Life. Final Entry." — Chuck

Because doing your own laundry when it's 1,000 degrees outside is a major life accomplishment now.

4. "Well, Should I Pop Some Popcorn Or Beat The Answer Out Of You?" — Casey

Remember when picking a movie to watch with your friends was actually fun and not at all traumatizing because no one can agree on a genre?

5. "Open Bar, I Hope." — Casey

Your first thought when all of those July wedding invitations start rolling in.

6. "Maybe We Should Be Introduced, I'm Chuck Bartowski: Total Loser, Cheeseball Addict." — Chuck

This quote sums up how you feel when you realize you now prefer spending Friday nights at home with your favorite cheat day food over human interaction.

7. "Listen, I'm An Integral Member Of This Team, OK? My Voice Should Be Heard." — Chuck

An accurate description of how strongly you feel about making sure all of the office birthday parties have ice cream in the summer.

8. "Credit Card Charges: Mostly Video Games, Comic Books." — Casey

Just like when you were a kid, only now you have to pay for all of your summer entertainment yourself.

9. "Twenty-One Hundred & Forty-Three P.M. There's A Chill In The Air And A Hint Of Vanilla." — Morgan

When it's so hot, you and your co-workers swear you can smell the ice cream truck.

10. "He's Focused, Responsible, Driven. Pains Me To See A Man End Up Like That." — Jeff

This is definitely what your free-spirited friends are thinking when you tell them you can't blow off work to go to a music festival with them.

11. "Maybe You Could Just Pick Up A Few Extra Shifts... Or Rob A Bank." — Ellie

When you realize you'll have to make your own fun for the next decade or so because summer vacations are not a thing for adults.

Chuck knows being an adult is hard, but hey, at least you don't have to go back to school in September.