Will Stassi Schroeder Be on 'Vanderpump Rules' Season 3? She Might Be Back in a Very Different Way

Even though Jax is at the center of all the drama, Kristen had more of a spotlight in Season 2, and Scheana might somehow be the most likable one of all, there's no doubt that the real star of Vanderpump Rules is that really hot busboy. Just kidding, that was a corny joke. The real star is obviously Stassi Schroeder, who will likely return for Vanderpump Rules Season 3, since she returned to Los Angeles to hang out with the series' other stars just as the show began filming. She's a former Amazing Race-er and current Villa Blanca queen bee, and the show wouldn't be the same without her.

While Stassi paid a lot of lip service to starting her life over with new boyfriend Patrick Meagher in New York City at the end of Season 2, not only did she recently return to Los Angeles, but Patrick is rumored to also be on the West Coast for filming. The two just moved in together in NYC back in March, so Stassi must have been hell-bent on not missing a season of Vanderpump in order to rush right back out to LA by the beginning of May.

But since Stassi's been out on the East Coast for a little while, she's missed all the action between seasons, where new alliances are often formed and tested. For example, she missed the months of planning and buildup to the mid-July date when when her costar/frenemy/enemy Scheana Marie got married. I'm sure the other ladies, Katie and Kristen, somehow managed to worm their way into the wedding party, even though they've never gotten along with Schaena, leaving Stassi sitting at the kid's table — or worse, across from Jax.

The only remaining question is — will Lisa Vanderpump give Stassi her job back for just the four-ish months that the show shoots? Obviously this isn't your average service industry gig, but who needs a time-share waitress? They'll probably work something out for the sake of the show, but if it turns out Stassi isn't working this year, it could change the fabric of the show as we know it… and give Kristen and Katie a lot to complain about.

But no matter what else happens, the most important thing is that Stassi filmed on her birthday, June 24. Because as we all know, a Stassi Schroeder birthday does not pass without something serious going down. As long as the cameras were there we get a three-episode arc in the middle of the season, they can drop Stassi down to part-time hostess and she'll still steal the whole show.

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