11 Dirty Movies On Netflix That Actually Tell A Good Story

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We're currently living in a truly golden digital age, ladies and gentlemen. One where filth, raunchiness, sauciness, and unadulterated erotica is but a mere click away. And let's all be thankful to the streaming Gods, because Netflix delivers on every account. You've likely already scrolled through the steamiest and sexiest movies on Netflix (probably while wondering how to delete your Netflix history so no-one gets the wrong idea. It's OK. There's no judgment here), and clocked up a few favorites. But lets be honest about something, there are some movies that are almost too dirty for Netflix that are just right there on the site. And they are truly filthy.

You know the movies I mean. Sometimes you just so happen to indulge in one of the various hottest movies to watch on Netflix, only to find yourself truly shocked by a scene. Or, in some cases, every damn scene. These are some of the most sexually explicit movies of recent years that are available for streaming on the site right now. Though completely dirty, the majority of these films still have a lot of depth and substance to them.

So whether you're simply looking for a bit of steam, or if you genuinely want a great story with a side of sex, then you can find both within this list. And yes, all of these movies are almost too dirty for Netflix, but thankfully, not quite.

1. 'Wetlands' (2013)

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Provocative from start to finish, this dark-comedy follows 18 year-old Helen Memel as she explores her body, as well as some of her most taboo sexual curiosities. And boy, does all of that get graphic.

2. 'Y Tu Mama Tambien' (2001)

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An erotic comedy of sorts, this coming of age movie is full of some pretty graphic sex scenes as two young men enjoy an explicit road trip with a liberated older woman.

3. 'Nymphomaniac' Volume I & II (2013)

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Lars Von Trier's controversial drama depicting a woman's experiences with sex addiction features graphic scenes of unsimulated sex (by porn stars, not the actual actors of the film). But it's also unflinchingly heartbreaking.

4. 'Sex And Lucia' (2001)

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This Spanish movie is full of explicit sex scenes, as Lucia (Paz Vega) tries to escape her lover's tragic death, only to wind up knowing more about him than she bargained for.

5. 'Blue Is The Warmest Color' (2013)

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While Blue Is The Warmest Color is certainly erotic at times, and can get truly dirty, it's also full of heart, and intrigue.

6. 'Bang Gang' (2015)

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Following the liberation and complications of a sexually experimental gang of teenagers, French movie Bang Gang is proudly filthy, with both poignant, and uncomfortable, results.

7. 'Immoral Tales' (1974)

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Comprised of four short films, Immoral Tales challenges sexual taboos with an unflinching sensuality, and a careful, erotic eye.

8. 'Room In Rome' (2010)

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Widely considered to be one of the most notoriously raunchy movies on Netflix, Room In Rome follows a story that never leaves a hotel room. Which happens to leave plenty of room for a whole heap of lesbian erotica to take place.

9. 'Stranger By The Lake' (2013)

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Stranger By The Lake tells the story of a bunch of gay sunbathers in the French Countryside as they enjoy a flurry of sexual encounters together. There might not be an abundance of sex scenes, but they're definitely explicit. The movie might be dirty, but it also managed to win Best Director at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, for Alain Guiraudie.

10. 'Fragments Of Love' (2016)

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A mediation on fragile masculinity, Fragments Of Love delves into one man's struggle to accept his lover's past sexual exploits. All of which, as you might imagine, comes with some extremely graphic sex scenes.

11. 'The Little Death' (2014)

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A quirky Australian rom-com in which four couples try to step up, and navigate, their respective sex lives. It gets pretty dirty, but with hilarious results.

Oh Netflix, you horn dog. I swear you're getting dirtier every month.