11 Disney Items You Can Only Get In Disneyland

by Megan Grant
Richard Bord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When they say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, I'm pretty sure they're referring to all the sweet swag and merchandise you can score when you visit. From apparel and jewelry to gadgets and thingamabobs, this is the place to find all the best goodies emblazoned with your favorite character, quote, or scene on it. In fact, there are certain Disney items you can only get in Disneyland — excluding all the knock-offs and imposters floating around on the interwebs. Unbeknownst to many, the theme park's original slogan was actually "The Happiest Place on Earth... to Shop."

Not really.

You might be thinking everything at Disneyland will automatically have an astronomical price tag because, well, it's Disneyland. While it's true you can easily spend a lot of moolah there, you can also bring home plenty of souvenirs from your magical trip without spending an arm and a leg. In fact, if you look hard enough, you can even find some stuff for free.

Regardless of your budget, can you really put a price on items you can find at the one and only Disneyland? Of course not. This is serious business. Take full advantage of your next trip and be on the lookout for these seriously amazing finds.


A Personalized Parasol

Don't we all need a parasol with our name on it? Of course. Head to New Orleans Square, pick a color, and in just a few minutes, you have the greatest souvenir ever. Mary Poppins would seriously be, like, so proud.


Pressed Pennies

Be sure to bring plenty of shiny pennies with you to Disneyland — scattered around the park are machines that will press them into a Disney-themed design. They also have machines that will press your quarters. WIN. Buy a pressed penny book so you can collect 'em all and keep 'em organized. Plus, you can show them off to your friends and make them jelous.


Disney Tech

While you might be able to find some of these online, the truly unique purchases are only at Disneyland. Shop from cell phone cases, computer covers, and more — because you're special, and you deserve a ~fancy~ phone case.


A Painting Of Your Name

How would you like to have a watercolor painting of your own name? Disneyland outdid themselves here: each letter represents a specific movie or character. Is this real life? Your home decor just leveled up big time.


Embroidered Mouse Ears

Get a pair for the whole family! Bonus: did you know you can get them embroidered for free? That's my favorite number. Visit the Mad Hatter Shop or Hatmosphere for your personalized ears. They'll go with all your outfits.


PhotoPass Photos

If you've been to Disneyland, you've probably seen those professional photographers walking around offering to take your photo. Don't stress — they won't charge you for that. BUT! Get a PhotoPass from them and you can buy the photo later, if you want. And here's the really super duper magical cool part about it: they'll add tiny surprises into the photo — like Tinkerbell or another character.


An Autopia Drivers License

Take a picture and visit the photo booth at the exit of Autopia. They'll turn it into a drivers license for just five bucks. And you didn't even have to wait in line at the DMV.


Art On Demand

What if you want a new piece of wall art to add to your home? Disneyland's got you covered. Head to the collector's shop adjacent to the Opera House and you can purchase Disney art on demand. Pick a design, decide whether you want it framed, and have it shipped right to your home. (Okay, so this one isn't only available at Disneyland. You can get it at the Disney store online, too. But still! 11 out of 10 experts agree it's better at DL.)


A Disney Silhouette

Listen, it doesn't get any cooler than this. Head to Disney Silhouette Studio on Main Street and an artist will make you a hand-cut silhouette of your head. How have you gotten this far in life without one of these?


A Million Pins

This is only for the genuine Disneyland fanatic. Buy yourself an official Disney pin and you can participate in pin trading. Interact with cast members and other guests around the park who have pins of their own, and trade to get the ones you want most.


A Jungle Cruise Map

If you go on the Jungle Cruise, don't forget to ask for your free map. Yes, F-R-E-E. This is a hidden gem many people don't know about. Who cares if you can't read maps because Siri just gives you the directions? It looks so cool! You have to have it.

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