11 Book-To-Movie Adaptations That NEED To Happen, Because We Need More Diverse Love Stories

by Kerri Jarema

The '90s were a Golden Age for rom-coms. During that decade, more classics than I can count on one hand were released — You've Got Mail, 10 Things I Hate About You, Never Been Kissed — but none of them were exactly diverse. It's no secret that consumers are hungry for diverse stories in books and on movie screens, and luckily, it seems that publishers and production companies are finally listening. When it comes to rom-com novel adaptations, this summer is a historical one: Kevin Kwan's Crazy Rich Asians is hitting movie theaters on Aug. 15 and Jenny Han's YA novel To All The Boys I've Loved Before, also featuring an Asian-American woman as the lead, is hitting Netflix on Aug. 17.

I'm so thrilled about these two movies, and now... well, I want more diverse rom-coms. And with the love being shown to book-to-movie adaptations right now, I figured these rom-com novels might be a good place for Hollywood to start. Whether you're looking for singing competitions, a prince in disguise, K-dramas, Bollywood or the Muslim Bridget Jones, the list below has got all of it and more. Let's just hope it won't be too long before you can grab a bucket of popcorn and watch these love stories unfold on the big screen:

'I Believe In A Thing Called Love' by Maurene Goo

Desi Lee believes anything is possible if you have a plan. So when she decides that it's time to start dating, she tackles her flirting failures with gusto. She finds guidance in the Korean dramas and, armed with her “K Drama Steps to True Love,” Desi goes after her crush Luca with gusto — and boat rescues and staged car crashes ensue. But soon enough, Desi discovers that real love is about way more than drama.

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'My So-Called Bollywood Life' by Nisha Sharma

Winnie Mehta was never really convinced that Raj was her soulmate, even though a pandit predicted she would find the love of her life before her 18th birthday, and Raj meets all of the qualifications So when Raj cheats on her, Winnie turns to Dev, a fellow film geek who challenges Winnie to look beyond her horoscope. But falling for Dev might mean giving up on her prophecy... and possibly giving up on her chance to live happily ever after.

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'From Twinkle, with Love' by Sandhya Menon

When fellow film geek Sahil Roy approaches Twinkle Mehra to direct a movie for the upcoming Summer Festival, Twinkle is all over it. She'll get her work in front a major audience and it will get her closer to her longtime crush, Neil Roy — a.k.a. Sahil’s twin brother. When mystery man “N” begins emailing her, Twinkle is sure it’s Neil. The only problem? She's now fallen madly in love with Sahil.

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'A Princess In Theory' by Alyssa Cole

Between attending grad school and working multiple jobs, Naledi Smith doesn’t have time for fairy tales. She was a foster kid, and she’s learned that the only thing she can depend on is herself. Prince Thabiso is the sole heir to the throne of Thesolo. When Naledi mistakes the prince for a pauper, Thabiso can’t resist the chance to experience life without the burden of his crown. But when the truth is revealed, a princess in theory might not be a princess ever after.

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'Adios To My Old Life' by Caridad Ferrer

A talented singer-guitarist with a dream of going pro, Alegría Montero is getting fed up with the endless, boring parade of quinceañeras and other family party gigs. She's longing for something bigger. And Oye Mi Canto — a new reality TV show that's searching for the next Latin superstar— is definitely that. To Ali's complete shock, she nails the audition and is selected as a contestant. Enter wardrobe fittings, cameras, reporters, vocal coaches... and new romance.

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'The Summer of Jordi Perez (And the Best Burger in Los Angeles)' by Amy Spalding

Abby Ives has always been content playing the sidekick in other people's lives. But when she lands a prized internship at her favorite local boutique, she’s thrilled to take the first step on the road to her dream career. But she doesn't expect to fall for her fellow intern, Jordi Perez, especially because it's a big no-no to date colleague. Then again, nothing is going as expected this summer.

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'Let's Talk About Love' by Claire Kann

Alice had her whole summer planned. The only thing missing is her girlfriend, who ended things after Alice confessed she's asexual. But then Alice meets Takumi and she can’t stop thinking about him or the rom com-grade romance feels she did not ask for. Now, Alice has to decide if she’s willing to risk their friendship for a love that might not be reciprocated — or understood.

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'Sofia Khan Is Not Obliged' by Ayisha Malik

Unlucky in love once again after her possible-marriage-partner-to-be proves a little too close to his parents, Sofia Khan is ready to renounce men for good. Or at least she was, until her boss persuades her to write a tell-all expose about the Muslim dating scene. But in the process of researching her story, she just might... fall in love.

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'The Victoria In My Head' by Janelle Milanes

After a chance encounter with an unattainably gorgeous boy named Strand, whose band needs a lead singer, Victoria is tempted to turn her fevered daydreams of rock stardom into reality. To do that, she must confront her insecurities, her overprotective Cuban parents, and her comfort zone.

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'What If It's Us' by Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera (Oct. 9)

Becky Albertalli's Love, Simon is one of the biggest rom-coms of 2018, so it only makes sense her upcoming meet-cute novel (co-written with fellow YA author Adam Silvera) would be a smash on the big screen. The book follows Arthur and Ben, who meet at the post office. But then the universe separates them, reunites them, and throws curveballs their way as they try to set up a first, second, and third date. As they try to decide whether they're meant to be, they both realize that life isn't like a Broadway play.... but what if it is?

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'The Proposal' by Jasmine Guillory (Oct. 30)

When Nikole goes to a Dodgers game with her actor boyfriend, the last thing she expects is a scoreboard proposal. Saying no isn't the hard part — facing a stadium full of disappointed fans is. At the game, Carlos comes to Nik's rescue and rushes her away from a camera crew — and soon enough, Nik embarks on an epic rebound with him. But when their hookups start breaking the rules, one of them has to be smart enough to push on the brakes.

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