11 Documentaries Coming Out In Summer 2017 You Have To See

I dont know about you but when it's the summer time and you've got a few hours to kill, watching a good documentary is at the top of my list. Picture this: an unhealthy snack, your covers, and a documentary that gives you permission to really delve in deep. Documentaries offer so many interesting perspectives that give you more insight about a story you may have heard about in passing, exposed or explained for your home-watching enjoyment. 2017 had a lot to offer as far as docs go, and you'll definitely want to check out these 11 documentaries coming out this summer.

I know, it's the summer and you've probably got a few outdoor plans to tend to. But between sunbathing and bonfires, you'll want to check out some pretty amazing films that are rolling out. Personally, I have been waiting patiently for the documentary about LGBT icon Marsha P. Johnson, so my situation this April will be checking out The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson. If you haven't seen a good documentary in a while, this is high time to curl up after a long day and watch it whether you're alone or cuddling up with a friend. Without further adieu, here's the list of 11 docs I'll personally be on the lookout for:

1. 'The Death And Life Of Marsha P. Johnson' (April 21)

Tribeca Films

Marsha Johnson sheds light on how she, along with fellow activist Sylvia Rivera, catapulted the transgender rights movement. April 21 will be the World Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival with no announcement on a US distributor just yet.

2. 'Born In China' (April 22)

Disney Nature

Following three animal families in the remote wilds of China.

3. 'Casting Jon Benet' (April 28)

Netflix US & Canada on YouTube

A documentary exploring the world's most sensational child murder case.

4. 'Batman And Bill' (May 6)


A peek behind the creative process and making of Batman's original look.

5. 'Becoming Bond' (May 6)

Movieclips Film Festivals & Indie Films on YouTube

The story behind how an Australian car mechanic became James Bond in 1969 without having acted a day in his life.

6. 'Unacknowledged' (May 9 on Digital, May 23 On Demand)

The Orchard Movies on YouTube

Don't think UFOs exist? This documentary might just change your mind on that.

7. 'Dumb: The Story Of Big Brother Magazine' (June 3)

Tribeca Film Festival

The history of Steve Rocco's niche skateboarding magazine that represented skate culture in the '90s.

8. 'City Of Ghosts' (July 14)

Moviefone on YouTube

Syrian rebels risk their lives to document ISIS atrocities.

9. 'Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World' (July 26)

TABOO: Indie Film Trailers on YouTube

A documentary that sheds light on a silent chapter in pop culture: Native Americans and contemporary music.

10. 'An Inconvenient Sequel: The Truth To Power' (July 28)

Paramount Pictures on YouTube

Behind Al Gore's travels and initiative for climate change.

11. 'Whose Streets?' (August 11)


People share their accounts of the Ferguson uprising — how Michael Brown’s death inspires a global movement for justice.

With so many documentaries releasing this summer, who needs a beach?