Easy Mardi Gras Cocktail Recipes

The biggest party of the year is upon us. Mardi Gras kicks off the last week of February, and the place to be is, without a doubt, New Orleans, Louisiana. However, if you can't be down south for the celebrations, you're probably making plans to bring the celebration to you.

The first step to planning a successful Mardi Gras is all in the details: whiskey, vodka, or tequila? (If you and your guests are over 21, of course.) A good host prepares for guests of all tastes, offering cocktails of varying liquors, proper for different times of day — because I know that you know that I know, this party is a day-long, late-night affair.

Not everyone experienced a short stint as a mixologist — err, bartender — in their day, so just know that classic cocktails like the Moscow Mule and vodka tonic will always be solid options to offer at any party. For those with higher ambitions, however, a short list of handcrafted cocktails is the only way to blow your Mardi Gras party out of the park. To help you throw the Fat Tuesday party of a lifetime, here are a few easy Mardi Gras cocktail recipes.

The Original Hurricane

Start things off with this recipe from The Kitchn, a New Orleans original. The OG Hurricane contains only three ingredients, so don't get it twisted.

Mardi Gras Milk Punch

This recipe from the Kitchn is like the southern take on a White Russian. With milk, whiskey, and some sweet ingredients, this is a great addition to any brunch table.

Honey Tennessee Mule

The Moscow Mule gets a southern twist in this recipe from Bake Love Give.

Grapefruit Margarita With A Hint Of Cucumber

Everyone loves a margarita. With Mardi Gras landing at that sweet spot just between winter and spring, this recipe from Joy The Baker presents a spin on the classic margarita that's the perfect amount of tart.

Vanilla-Sugar Lime Daiquiri

The lime daiquiri is a New Orleans speciality, and this recipe from Joy The Baker nails it on the head. Don't skip this one.

Homemade Bloody Mary

Take a classic and make it New Orleans-inspired with this recipe from Oh She Glows, which calls for homemade Bloody Mary mix. Throw in a little cajun or creole spice, and you're fancy.

Sweet Tea Old Fashioned Cocktail

The Old Fashioned will never go out of style. This one from A Spicy Perspective gets a southern makeover using sweet tea vodka.

Strawberry Pimm's Cup

Though the Pimm's Cup is the signature drink of Wimbledon, this sweet and refreshing cocktail from Brown Eyed Baker shares tastes of southern culture. Make a pitcher, throw it on the table, and it'll be gone quicker than you can say, "chug."

Afternoon Tea Cocktail

This cocktail from A Spicy Perspective uses bourbon and tea to produce a bold, warm cocktail that screams Big Easy.

Fruity Red Sangria

Get ready for spring with this sweet, tangy, fruity sangria recipe from A Spicy Perspective. It's light enough to serve from morning to night, and only gets better with time.

Blueberry Mint Julep

A traditional cocktail of the southern states, the classic Mint Julep is some combination of bourbon, water, crushed ice, and mint. This cocktail recipe from How Sweet Eats, however, brings blueberries into the mix for added sweetness.