11 Easy One-Minute Crystal Rituals That Will Help You Attract All The Good Vibes

Healing crystals are obviously beautiful, full of posi energy, and are clearly the quickest route to witch-ifying your space — but the best way to use crystals is for their mystical, healing properties. And whether you want to build a giant crystal grid altar or just bask in the prettiness of your crystal collection, there are so many easy crystal rituals that can help you harness their natural energy that no crystal lover has an excuse not to try one. After all, crystals have been touted as healing tools for centuries and used by people around the world. And despite being almost supernaturally gorgeous, they are naturally occurring in the Earth, and are known for their ability to store energy.

Bustle spoke with Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, co-founders of Energy Muse and co-authors of the book Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals To Tune In To The Real You, to get their takes on crystal rituals. "Healing crystals are a tool — they carry powerful vibrations that connect us to the Earth and nature’s power," explains Energy Muse. "Their energy holds and amplifies any intention you give them, making them the perfect tool to work with when you’re looking to make changes in your life." This is why using crystals in ritual work has the potential to be so powerful.

Different types of crystals already carry their own unique energy and purported healing properties inherently, but to actually work with that energy, it's best to program your crystals with a particular intention. As you continue to work with that crystal, you'll connect even more deeply with your intention. Combine that with the crystal's magic (which works to amplify your intention), and you've got yourself a healing tool. "Crystals can take your intention-setting practice to the next level," continues Energy Muse. "By programming your crystals with an intention, you can manifest your intentions and what you want in life."

If you're new to Earth magic and working with healing tools, the idea of a "ritual" can be intimidating — but here's the deal: It's simply a way to connect with your spirituality or mysticism, in whatever form that takes within your personal practice. And rituals don't have to be super fancy, intense, and time-consuming. Using a single crystal and only a minute of your day, you can easily perform a potent ritual that can help enhance your life, connect you with Earth's magical energy, and point you in the direction of your goals. Quick and simple rituals are an amazing self-care practice, and a great way to check in with yourself and give yourself a spiritual moment of ~you~ time in the midst of your busy life.

And thank goddess for one-minute rituals, because we're modern witches on the go — so sometimes a spare minute in the day is allllll we've got. We chatted with the experts at Energy Muse about their favorite simple, one-minute crystal rituals that anyone can perform quickly and easily to give themselves a mystical energy boost, and they gave us the low-down on exactly what crystals to use, how, and for what. Grab your crystals and set a minute aside to give these rituals a try.

Motivation Ritual

Red Jasper Stone, $4.95, Energy Muse.

Who needs #MondayMotivation when you can embrace some #MysticalMotivation in the form of a quick crystal ritual instead? Get sh*t done like the boss that you are with the help of some mineral motivators.

Crystal to use: Red Jasper is super grounding, and the perfect stone to get you in a down-to-business head space. "Red Jasper has an encouraging energy that gives you a feeling of support," explains Energy Muse. "It pushes you to take action in your life, whether that’s a new pursuit or completing an existing project."

One minute ritual: Allow the crystal to guide you toward what areas of your life need a motivational boost in the first place. "Ask yourself, what part of my life do I need to take action in? Use your Red Jasper stone to motivate you," shares Energy Muse.

Health Ritual

Blue Apatite Touchstone, $14.95, Energy Muse.

Whether it's physical or emotional, changing habits for your health isn't always easy. It can be super helpful to call on the magic of a motivating, will-power-boosting crystal to keep you on track.

Crystal to use: Blue Apatite, a gorgeous blue stone that's perfect for allowing you to laser-focus in on your health goals. "Blue Apatite is an inspirational stone that governs your sense of willpower," shares Energy Muse. "It inspires you to embrace healthy habits and prioritize your well-being, and provides you the motivation and willpower to stay on track."

One minute ritual: "Hold your Blue Apatite stone and set an intention for your health. What’s one health goal you want to achieve?" says Energy Muse. "Let Blue Apatite give you the motivation and willpower to achieve it." By infusing your health-related intentions into your stone, you'll be reminded of them each time you see it — so carry the crystal with you or leave it out in your living space to encourage you to make healthy choices.

Creativity Ritual

Carnelian Heart, $19.95, Energy Muse.

Creativity benefits us in all areas of life — be it work, relationships, an actual art practice, or even just your Instagram grid, TBH. Using crystal healing to help open your creativity channels will allow you feel more inspired and original overall.

Crystal to use: Carnelian is a super powerful stone that calls out the highly creative energy of your sacral chakra. "We all are creative beings, even if we aren’t all artists," explains Energy Muse. "Carnelian helps to awaken your creative side so you can bring that imagination and inspiration into all areas of your life."

One minute ritual: "Hold your Carnelian in your hands and say aloud, 'I am creative,'" explains Energy Muse. It's amazing the power that words alone can hold, so by claiming your creativity aloud and amplifying this mantra via your crystal, you'll have yourself a quick but powerful ritual.

Clarity Ritual

Quartz Crystal Point, $9.95, Energy Muse.

We've all got so much going on that sometimes it can be hard to even identify what we want, let alone how the heck to get it. Let a simple crystal ritual serve as your magic glasses to help put your desires into focus and show you your path.

Crystal to use: Clear quartz is perfect for clarity, unsurprisingly, as it's a crystal-clear stone itself. "Clear Quartz gives you the clarity of mind you need to illuminate what you truly want in life," shares Energy Muse. "Get crystal clear on not only what you want, but how to make it happen."

One minute ritual: "Meditate with your Clear Quartz stone for one minute to inspire crystal clarity," advises Energy Muse. Allow the pointed clarity of this powerful energy-amplifying stone to guide you toward exactly what you need to see.

Love Ritual

Raw Rose Quartz, $39.95, Energy Muse.

Who doesn't want a lil' more ~love and romance~ in their lives? Using the gentle TLC of a rose quartz, you can connect with your compassionate heart chakra energy to manifest love for yourself and everyone else in your life — including, perhaps, a special someone.

Crystal to use: Rose quartz, with its delicate pink hue and loving vibe, is the perfect stone for love rituals. "Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love," says Energy Muse. "Working with this stone opens you up to all the love around you, from friends and family to romantic partners and even self-love."

One minute ritual: "Place your Rose Quartz stone over your heart for one minute to connect with the energy of love," shares Energy Muse. Use this minute as a time to connect with your own self-love, too — as that it will totally shine from the inside out and attract more of it your way. As personal muse RuPaul always says, "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?!"

Energy Ritual

Bloodstone Stone, $5.95, Energy Muse.

Best way to beat an afternoon slump: Splurging on your third soy latte of the day or setting aside a minute with a physically-energizing crystal? Totally up to you (no judgies), but if you want to go the crystal route, here's what to do.

Crystal to use: Bloodstone, as its name denotes, is a vital stone that's perfect for a physical energy boost. "Bloodstone is a revitalizing stone that will help boost your energy levels," explains Energy Muse. "It fills you with a surge of energy so you can break out of any feelings of stagnancy and lethargy." In other words, let's get the blood pumpin'.

One minute ritual: "Hold your Bloodstone as you move your body for one minute to get the energy flowing," advises Energy Muse. "You can take the stairs, walk around your apartment, take a walk outside, dance — whatever gets your blood pumping."

Wealth Ritual

Pyrite Crystal, $14.95, Energy Muse.

Crystal to use: Pyrite, like a shiny star, sparkles with the lush, abundant energy of gold. "Pyrite’s golden shimmer aligns you with the energy of wealth and abundance," says Energy Muse.

One minute ritual: "Place your Pyrite stone over your business card to invite in the energy of wealth," explains Energy Muse. If you don't have a business card, you can use anything that represents your money-making endeavors — think your employer's logo on a piece of paper, a printed contract for a new gig, or even just a pile of cash. Keep the crystal in your work space for added energy.

Stress Release Ritual

Blue Lace Agate Slice, $19.95, Energy Muse.

When you're all bent out of shape due to stress and don't have the time or money to hit your favorite masseuse, try this one-minute stress-relieving ritual instead to help you let off some steam naturally and reach a more zen, chilled-out state.

Crystal to use: Blue lace agate is as delicately calming as its color. "Blue Lace Agate helps to release stress by guiding you to a calmer state of being," explains Energy Muse. "Its soothing energy melts away anxiety."

One minute ritual: "Place one Blue Lace Agate stone in each hand to infuse yourself with soothing energy and release stress," shares Energy Muse. Really focus on the calming vibe of the crystals and visualize it radiating relief throughout your body, starting within your palms.

Protection Ritual

Raw Black Tourmaline, $9.95, Energy Muse.

Maybe Mercury is retrograde, maybe you're dealing with some pesky energy vampires at work, or maybe you suspect that your closest frenemy is trying to hex you, Sabrina-style. In any case, calling on some spiritual protection is never a bad idea, and it's super easy to do.

Crystal to use: Black tourmaline, a.k.a. the big daddy of all protection crystals, IMO. "Black Tourmaline wraps you in energetic protection by putting a shield around you," explains Energy Muse. "This energetic shield prevents you from picking up unwanted energy from other people or situations."

One minute ritual: "Place your Black Tourmaline stone outside of your front door to act as a protective shield for your home and those inside of it," advises Energy Muse. I actually keep a chunk of black tourmaline just inside my front doorway, and that works well, too. As you place your crystal in whichever spot you choose, visualize it forming an energetic shield, sealing off your space and your self from negative outside energies.

Relaxation Ritual

Amethyst Point, $9.95, Energy Muse.

Just got home from work or an exhausting social session? That means it's time to chillllllll. Allow the magic of crystal healing to help you turn your brain off and your relaxation mode on. Add face masks and/or a bubble bath for maximum chill.

Crystal to use: Amethyst: Ever-chill, feminine, and gorgeous. "Amethyst stones carry an air of relaxation," Energy Muse tells Bustle. They create a spa-like environment where you can fully relax and surrender, both mentally and physically."

One minute ritual: "Place your Amethyst stone over your third eye to relax your mind, body and spirit," advises Energy Muse. Amethyst is purple, which is the color associated with your crown chakra, so it can help you call on your higher self and get into a meditative, super-relaxed space.

Sleep Ritual

Celestite Crystal, $24.95, Energy Muse.

No one wants to be a fog every morning, so instead of trying to lull yourself into sleepiness by scrolling on your phone (pro-tip: that actually has the opposite effect), grab your dreamiest crystal and do a quick nighttime ritual to send you into dreamland in the most mystical fashion imaginable.

Crystal to use: Celestite is a dreamy, calming stone that's perfect for sleepy-time, lunar vibes. "Celestite creates the perfect environment for restful sleep," shares Energy Muse. "It fills you and your space with calming vibes, and clears your mind of anything from the day that might keep you up at a night."

One minute ritual: "Before you go to bed, hold your Celestite stone in your hands to get into a calm state," explains Energy Muse. "Say aloud 'I sleep well' while holding your Celestite. Place it on your nightstand when you are finished, and drift off into a deep sleep." Sweet dreams are made of celestite.