11 Puppies Who Have Their Own Instagrams That You Will NOT Regret Following

by Megan Grant
Noam Galai/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Some people may argue that there's no such thing as perfect, to which I say FALSE, because dogs. It's a special week for canines, too, because National Puppy Day 2019 is Saturday, March 23. (Most of us started celebrating on Monday, obvi.) If you'd like an extra dose of cuteness on the best holiday of the year, here are 11 famous puppy Instagram accounts to follow.

New York Times best-selling books. Millions of followers on social media. Raising money for charity. You might think I'm talking about J. K. Rowling, but I'm actually referring to some of these puppers, who've achieved more in their few short dog years than I probably will in my entire life. Sorry, Mom.

It's not just about their Instagram fame, though. These dogs bring joy, happiness, and love to countless people all around the globe. And I don't know about you, but in this day and age, I think we could use a little extra cheer.

It's about that time. Go hide in the bathroom in work and get lost in your Instagram feed for a few minutes. These pups will surely brighten your day, whether on National Puppy Day or any other puppy-loving day of the year.



According to his website, Tuna, a chiweenie, has "an exaggerated overbite, recessed jaw and a magnificent wrinkly neck," which his owner lovingly refers to as "shrivelneck," which is actually the scientific term. You can trust me on this.

At first glance of his Instagram page, you might be thinking, "I don't know about this," but 11 out of 10 experts agree you will quickly fall in love with Tuna in all his majestic and unique beauty.



Norbert's Instagram bio describes him as a "3-lb therapy dog, author & philanthropist," which OMG how does three pounds of fluff accomplish more than I have in my 30 trips around the sun?

Norbert is proficient at giving high-fives and making people smile, and can we talk about the tongue? Look at the tongue. LOOK AT IT.



You probably recognize Jiffpom by his impeccable hair. Oh, and also? His website says he's the most famous animal in the world, with more than 30 million followers on social media, which is approximately 30 million more than I have. He's also a three-time Guinness World Record holder.

Basically, the rest of us look like utter disappointments next to this dog.



Originally named Stinky, Marnie had quite the challenging the past, according to her website. She was found by Animal Control, with matted hair and smelling to high heaven. Marnie needed to have 14 decaying teeth removed, which eliminated the ungodly stench, and earlier suspicions that she was blind in her left eye ended up being wrong. Yay!

Marnie might very well be famous for her adorable head tilt, which is a result of a brief illness she had called Vestibular Syndrome. Rest assured she's perfectly happy, and the head tilt just adds to her fabulous style.

As for the tongue? It's just long AF. Perfection. Honestly, have you ever seen a cuter creature? (No.)


Doug The Pug

Doug's Facebook page reveals that not only is the squishy, wrinkly pupper famous online, but he's also got a New York Times best-selling book, a top-selling calendar, he's starred in music videos for famous artists like Katie Perry, and he's appeared on shows including Good Morning America, The TODAY Show, and The View.

I wouldn't mind having a book on the best sellers list. Can his people call my people?


Maya The Samoyed

So much floof, so little time. Not only is Maya sensationally fluffy, but this dog (and her human) are downright hilarious. If you want your whole entire life to be made, spend a few minutes on Instagram and enjoy the silliness that is Maya the Samoyed.


Manny The Frenchie

You'll have to excuse Manny — he's incredibly busy. You would be too if you had a book, calendar, and your own foundation. This bulldog and "philanthro-PUP," as his Instagram bio puts it, has warmed millions of hearts all over the world. It's easy to see why. Woof!



Maruto, AKA Maru, calls Japan home and loves going on adventures. Whether it's dancing through the park or making new canine friends, this pupper is always up for some fun. And can we talk about how it's possible for a dog to take better photos than most humans, please?



This soft and squishy Australian labradoodle is going to steal your heart and never give it back. Reagandoodle enjoys playing with his favorite two-legged friends, giving hugs, and loving you. His website says he wasn't supposed to grow to be this big, but everything worked out because now he's even better at cuddling.


Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Go ahead and try to find a more regal pupper. I'll wait.

Crusoe has garnered fans the world over with his flawless taste in fashion, his mouthwatering cupcakes, and his New York Times best-selling book. Don't underestimate his small stature, because this pup has a big personality. He's traveled all over, from Florida to Switzerland, and loves a good adventure.


Popeye the Foodie Dog

A dog obsessed with food? We have something in common! Popeye is an unknown mixed breed, although I'm pretty sure he's a cross between fantastic and stupendous. He was a stray found in Los Angeles, but it looks like he's found his place and is currently living his best life.