11 Dog-Themed Gifts That'll Win Over The Canine Lover In Your Life This Christmas


The best part about being a canine obsessive is you don't have to own one to appreciate them. Thankfully, there are plenty of gifts you can buy the dog lovers in your life that will let them express their adoration in myriad ways.

Take the home. Not only can you adorn walls and bedrooms with cute dog decor, but you can even introduce pooch style to the garden with a specially designed planter. Fans of jewellery will fall for a super adorable French bulldog charms and sausage dog accessory in an instant while the practically-minded will welcome in dog printed socks, slippers, and hand warmers.

When the weekend hits, why not make their day with a dog-themed bottle of gin? And when they're in the mood for a laugh, a pocket-sized book full of everyone's favourite dog memes will certainly suit. Of course, there's a personalised product for dog owners to revel in.

No matter your budget or their preference, the following dog-related gifts will make presents to remember. Your recipient doesn't even have to be a dog owner to make full use of them. So spread the canine cheer this Christmas whether through homeware, fashion, or a good old festive drink.