The 7 Best Hotels For A British Staycation With Your Dog

by Aoife Hanna
Rene De Haan/Stocksy

Treating your best friend is one of life's true joys. Especially when they are the friend that gives you the most love. The unconditional kind. The one who looks at you like Kanye looks at Kanye. Your BFF in times of trouble and times of peace. Your main OG, your DOG. Yes, your pup is several infinities better than any of your human friends and way more deserving of a vaycay. So instead of a gals trip away, you should be thinking about the best places to take your dog on holiday in the UK.

Guys real talk, it's time to bin off that hen do you can't afford anyway. More like hen don't am I right? So finding a pet-friendly, pawfect place for you and your pooch is super important. Especially if you're in search of somewhere you won't have to spend 90 percent of your time asking "can I bring my dog in here?", or literally smuggling it into places you know it's not necessarily allowed.

Luckily for dog owners, there are lots of dog friendly holiday destinations in the UK. And it can be super beneficial for everyone involved. "There are so many fun activities to do with your dog," Henry Dove, Veterinary expert for grain-free dog food supplier, Canagan, explains. "The more time you spend with them doing these activities the greater the bond becomes between you and your dog. In the long term leading to both being more content." What's not to love about that? With National Dog's Day fast approaching on August 26 — though let's be honest, is that not every day?— here are some trips as relaxing and woof-ly as your very own pooch.

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White Hart, Somerton

Treat your little babe like the royalty it is by bringing it to beautiful Somerset. This 16th century pub is run by a dog mad team and its eclectic interiors are to die for.

Set in Somerton's market square and run by a passionate and welcoming team who love dogs, all of the eight bedrooms available are pup friendly and your little doggo will even get their very own bag of treats and toys. Surrounded by stunning countryside and unlimited opportunities to bring babe for the best walkies of its life, it's a winner all round.

Prices start at £76.50 per night with a £10 extra charge for your dog.

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The Lawrence Hotel, Lancashire

Set near the stunning grounds of the National Trust’s Gawthorpe Hall, your dog will have a lot more to be excited about than endless walks.

In this hotel you can live-laugh-love with your own Prosecco and a pawsecco for the pooch. Dog parents can also be pampered and eat some seriously delicious food. Meaning you'll both come back polished AF.

Rooms are available from £79 per night. And the pet price packages vary depending on the personalised pooch experience you guys spring for.

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Trigony House Hotel & Garden Spa, Southern Uplands

Set in the beautiful vast Dumfries and Galloway countryside, this hotel is absolutely dog heaven. And hey, nice for you too. As a matter of fact Trigony was named best dog friendly hotel in the Best Loved Hotel awards.

Not only does your dog get their own bed, bowls, and towels but there's even a special dog shower outside. Apart from the gorgeous walks and — you — treats, you can even flipping book your dog in for a reiki sesh. This is not a drill.

Rooms start at £102 with a £9.50 charge extra per dog per night.

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Old Manor Hotel, Fife

Set in the beautiful countryside of Fife and the perfect base to springboard yourself onto the multiple seaside towns and gorgeous villages in the area. Beach walks and country jaunts are ready and waiting for you and your pooch to lay your head.

With prices starting at £77 a pop, you'll be shouting "Not bad babes!" at the top of your lungs.

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The Blue Boar, Oxfordshire

Ideal for those wanting to get the hell out of the city and away into the magic of the Cotswolds, The Blue Boar has it all. Super stylish, chic, warm, welcoming and in the heart of the beautiful town of Witney. Which is surrounded by some of the loveliest rolling countryside in the UK.

The hotel will provide a bowl and bed in the room and you're able to bring your darling into the bar for a drink. You can also nab yourself a stunningly delicious pizza

Prices start at around £142 B&B plus £30 for your little dog.

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The Druidstone, Pembrokeshire

Set in the stunning countryside and seaside of Wales, you and your dog may or may not think you are in actual paradise. If white sand beaches and stunning scenery are your bag, this one's for you hun.

The Druidstone stands at the sea's edge above St.Brides Bay. It is seated on 20 acres of grounds, ready for you and pup to pound the pavements. The sunsets are to die for as is the whole experience of escape that you'll feel.

Prices start at £75 per night.

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The Feathers Hotel, Herefordshire

Cosy AF and in some pretty cute atmospheric surroundings, this building has been standing for over 400 years. Located on the high street of the quaint AF village of Ledbury, The Feathers Hotel has more character than you can shake a stick at.

A perfect place to come home to after a long day exploring the stunning Malvern hills and take in the finer things in life. Bettie, their resident doggy, is happy (I'm sure) to play with your pup.

Rooms start at £72.

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With all this choice and more out there, bringing your little babe on holiday will become more than just a right. It will become a necessity.