11 Haleb Moments From 'PLL' That'll Make You Believe In Love Again

by Lakecia Hammond

Being a Pretty Little Liars fan is a lot like being on a rollercoaster of emotions. While we've seen break ups and make ups, one relationship in going pretty strong even in the last season of the show. Yep, I'm talking about the hopeless romantic encounters between Hanna and Caleb, otherwise known as Haleb. There were 11 Haleb Moments in Pretty Little Liars, in particular, that had us believing in love again. Sure, Caleb and Hanna aren't perfect by any means but what couple is? I'll admit I was the first person who was super frustrated about Caleb and Spencer during the moment they broke the ultimate code.

It's clear that's a thing of the past, but now we can relish in the potential for Hanna and Caleb to last a lifetime and that's definitely something worth celebrating. They've gone through so much together from harmlessly picking on each other in school to the first time they said "I love you." Their love is totally true. I'm constantly impressed with the way the two are making sure that they take each other's feelings into account and regardless of if there's a crazed killer on the loose after them, their love prevails.

These are 11 particular moments that really sum up the type of love they have and why it works for them.


When Hanna Jumped In The Shower With Caleb.

Everyone wanted to be her in this moment.


That Time Hanna Almost Clubbed Caleb With A Pink Lamp

It's safe to say we're glad it was Caleb and not A. The girls would have been goners.


The Tent Scene

This was one of Haleb's steamiest moments for sure.


When Hanna & Caleb Were Flirting With Each Other

Caleb should have known better not to lean on Hannas locker but something tells me he wanted to instigate.


When Caleb Insisted That He & Hanna Move To New York Together

This was a fairy tale moment if I've ever seen one.


When Haleb Coordinated Elf Costumes

Stop it you two. They are just too cute together.


When Hanna Threatened To Hurt Anyone Who Laid A Finger On Caleb

Hanna is overprotective in general, but she is especially so when it comes to Caleb.


When Caleb Leaves Rosewood

This was the moment Hanna said goodbye to Caleb, so he could go help his cousin. As hard as it was to let go, this tender kiss was the last one they shared before a parting ways. So sweet.


When Caleb Enticed Hanna In The Kitchen

Hanna was definitely feeling it.


When Caleb Surprises Hanna At The Ball

Caleb always has a way of sweeping Hanna off her feet.


Caleb's First Compliment To Hanna

Finally, there would be no celebrating Haleb without their first real exchange. It's all in those words right there.

It will be interesting to see how this relationship will grow and maybe ... just maybe, there's a wedding we can look forward to in the future.