11 Meditations For Valentine’s Day To Help You Manifest Love

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Valentine's Day is coming up quickly, and perhaps you're beginning to feel your heart a-flutterin'. Whether it's fluttering due to being love struck, anxious, or just over-hyped on candy, I'm not sure. But I do know that using some soothing, heart-opening Valentine's Day meditations can be a nice way to get yourself into a feel-good place for the holiday and help bring about some loving spiritual vibes.

And how do I love thee meditation? Let me count the ways — because there truly are so many benefits to carving out some time to clear your mind and channel some peace, and it can be especially helpful around Valentine's Day. Why, you ask? Well, if to you Valentine's Day is just an annoying reminder of our society's collective obsession with fairy tale romance and your own broken heart, then a sweet heart-healing meditation can help soothe the sorrow and keep you zen come Feb. 14. If you're madly in ~luv~ and celebrating Valentine's Day in all its cheesy, overly-romantic glory, there are still plenty of meditations designed for deepening the bond between you and your human of choice and opening your heart to love. And no matter what your relationship status is come V-Day, showing love to yourself should always be prioritized, and guess what? There are meditations for that, too.

Get cozy, turn on the mood lighting, grab your favorite love energy healing crystals, and queue up one of these Valentine's Day meditation videos to help you connect with your heart, and manifest all kinds of good love vibes and V-Day cheer.

ASMR Reiki For Self-Love

OK, since I'm the author of this article, I'm going to exert the wee bit of power I have in this universe and insist on beginning our list with a SELF-LOVE meditation. Because honestly, in the words of my guru RuPaul Charles, "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love someone else?" Amen, Ru. Love thyself first, friends, and use this remote reiki session aimed at self-love heal your heart.

Guided Meditation To Open The Heart Chakra

This so-called "power meditation" is designed to bring "more peace, self acceptance and love" into your life, which is a major Valentine's Day mood whether you're in a relationship or not. It's guided with step-by-step instructions, so it's great for meditation newbies.

ASMR Valentine's Day Tarot Reading For Relationships & People Looking For Love

If you're a Tarot and ASMR freak like yours truly, then this ultra-relaxing video will be both soothing and informative as a Valentine's Day meditation. The soothing, tingle-inducing ASMR will put you in a meditative trance, and you'll get a free love Tarot reading while you're at it.

Guided Meditation: Manifest Your Lover & Improve Your Relationship

This guided meditation uses the law of attraction to help you invite the energy of a loving new partner into your life — and if you're already in a relationship, it can help you in strengthening your bond and deepening your love, too, so it's a solid Valentine's Day go-to for anyone's situation.

★ Manifest True Love ★ While You Sleep

Too busy, intimidated, or lazy to actively try a meditation but still want to attract some loving vibes your way come Valentine's Day? Try this relaxing guided meditation, which runs for over two hours and is designed to be used while you're falling asleep (and even after you've sailed off into dreamland). If you're not usually a meditation type, here's a zero-time-commitment way to try.

Guided Meditation For Healing Broken Hearts

Heartbreak Hotel is decidedly not the place anyone wants to be during Valentine's Day, but it happens. Journeying deep and finding some peace and quiet through a meditation is a great way to ease the pain of a heartache, so try this helpful guided meditation that's made with the goal of mending hearts.

Guided Meditation For Confidence & Self-Love

Here's one more self-love meditation for good measure. Valentine's Day is all about the love vibe, and it's super important that we extend that to the way we think about ourselves, too. Plus, this is the perfect meditation to use before a cute date to get you in a super posi, self-lovin' headspace.

Venus In Capricorn: A Meditation For Love & Forgiveness

Our dear love planet Venus moved into Capricorn before Valentine's Day, and that's exactly where she'll stay — so meet her romantic, luxurious, Venusian vibes exactly where they're at with this love- and forgiveness-themed meditation designed to be used during this particular Valentine's Day planetary transit.

Attract Your Soulmate & Ideal Relationship + Reiki

OK, here's one for my single-and-ready-to-mingle squad. If you're ready to open your heart to romance and manifest a relationship, this meditation is designed to help you do so. Plus, it's led by a reiki master who provides a virtual reiki session as part of the video, so you'll be feeling energetically fresh n' clean post meditation.

Open Heart Chakra ➤ Heart Chakra Activation

This video utilizes binaural beats in order to help your brain frequency resonate with the natural frequency of the earth. The audio track is designed to "[a]ctivate, open, balance and heal your heart chakra," so it's perfect to use in a meditation around Valentine's Day regardless of your relationship status.

Meditation To Make Your Crush Go Crazy Over You

OK, this title sorta made me laugh — but honestly, meditation is kinda magical, so maybe it works? If you're rollin' deep in crush-land this Valentine's Day, this meditation can apparently help you manifest a lil' bit of a mutual obsession and get your crush thinking about you. Sounds fun to try at least, right? Let me know what transpires post-V-Day.