11 Meditations That Will Help All Zodiac Signs During Stressful Virgo Season

Virgo season, here we are! From Aug. 23 through Sep. 22, the sun will officially be making its annual trip through the sign of Virgo — and sprinkling some meditations for Virgo season into our routines feels super necessary for self-care. Virgo is a true "fixer" of the zodiac, with an impeccable eye for detail, a magic touch for order, and a critical (yet loving!) perspective on all things. This means it's time to wrap up the summer and get our lives together, Virgo-style — but that's zero excuse to skimp on the self-care moments of you time.

Meditation has proven to be super helpful when it comes to reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, and is an awesome way take a few minutes to quiet your mind and get in touch with yourself — extra-important given Virgo season's tendency to wear us out with work! And whether you already meditate daily or are a total newbie who can't seem to shut off the chatter in your brain, there are a wide variety of simple and ultra-relaxing meditations perfect for all zodiac signs during Virgo season.

These Virgo-centered meditations will help you find your chill and calm your mind and body amidst a likely busy, anxiety-inducing, very-Virgo schedule:

1. Deep Meditation Music: Virgo Zodiac Sign Frequency

This meditation track, which was created to vibe with the frequency of Virgo's zodiac sign specifically, incorporates binaural beats, which are frequencies your brain interprets as waves that can allegedly change your mood. Pretty cool, right? But important to note: You must use headphones for this one, as binaural beats can only be used effectively when split up separately into each ear.

2. Full Moon Meditation Music: Relaxation Waves

This soothing track, designed to be played in the background of your meditation, was made specifically for the August 2018 full moon, which we're still majorly feeling the effects of. If you don't need a guide and just want to hear the sounds of some peaceful ocean waves as you meditate solo and vibe on Virgo season's full moon, this one's for you.

3. New Moon Virgo Guided Meditation

This guided meditation was designed to be used during a new moon in Virgo — and on Sep. 9 we'll be experiencing just that (meaning also that both the sun and the moon will be in Virgo simultaneously). This video is great for newbies as the narrator, Belinda Pearl, gives you soothing, step-by-step instructions paired with calming visuals.

4. ASMR Tarot Reading for Virgo

OK, is anyone else an ASMR freak like me? If so, check out this ultra-tingle-inducing video, which manages to be relaxing, meditative, and informative all at once. It gives tons of info on the sign of Virgo, which is great if you're looking to learn a little more about astrology. And if you happen to be a Virgo sun, moon, or rising yourself, it also includes a Tarot card reading just for you, which is a super fun bonus.

5. Short Guided Meditation: Time-Out for Busy People

Virgo season 2018 is giving us all an opportunity be super productive, so calling upon the hardworking nature of Virgo to help you reach your goals is definitely key! But Virgo energy on overdrive (like anything else) can burn you out you pretty quickly. If you find yourself super busy, use this simple guided meditation to enter the metaphorical "Cave of Stillness" and give yourself a nice, zen lil' break.

6. Binaural Beats: Mercury (Gemini/Virgo)

The planet Mercury rules the sign of Virgo, and this binaural beat-focused meditation soundtrack is designed to specifically vibe with Mercury's energy. Feel the power of Virgo's ruling planet of communication while you relax, but note that this track doesn't have any visuals.

7. Meditation Vibration for Virgo

Here is a straightforward guided meditation led by Julie Zipper, a spiritual counselor, which will help you get into your body and fully relax amid Virgo season. The video's description claims it will help you to "glide through the turbulence in your life," which I think is helpful to all of us after August's full moon.

8. Virgo Relaxation/Meditation

Both the super relaxing meditation track and its corresponding visuals were designed specifically based on Virgo's aspects. According to the video's description, it's made "to help enhance the positive traits and bring to light the negative traits" of the sign — which can help you embrace the good and move through the bad.

9. Virgo Meditation With Karen Berg

This video begins with an introduction to Virgo season through a Kabbalistic lens (in case that's your cup of tea), as well as some solid advice for how to plan for the season. The guided meditation begins at around 3:45, and also incorporates numerology and meditations on the Kabbalistic letters that are believed to have created Virgo and its ruling planet Mercury.

10. Heart Chakra + Virgo + Deep Sleep Meditation

This hour-long track is perfect for a longer deep meditation, or simply to zone out to through your headphones as you lay down to relax. In addition to being guided by Virgo, it's said to resonate with your heart chakra (and compassion is important for often-critical Virgos!).

11. Guided Meditation: Earth Sign Energy Healing

Virgo, being a mutable Earth sign, is deeply-rooted in the Earth element. This healing, path-clearing guided meditation is great for getting deep into Virgo season whether you're new to meditation or not. The 45 minute video vibes with Earth energy and will be grounding no matter what your sign.