11 Meditations That Will Help You Destress During This Week’s Blood Moon

Each month, a full moon rises, bringing with it a certain kind of energy that is focused on celebration and manifestation. This month, however, the full moon is a little bit more special than it usually is. On Friday, July 27, the full moon rising in Aquarius is a total lunar eclipse, the longest eclipse of the 21st century. This is also known as a Blood Moon, and it's happening at the exact same time that Mercury is going retrograde for the second time of 2018. Between the Blood Moon rising in Aquarius, Mercury retrograde, and the fact that it's Leo season, one thing is for sure: this weekend is going to be an emotionally charged time for everyone, and getting through it might be kind of difficult for some of us. If you need a little extra boost, there are some meditations that can help you de-stress during the blood moon.

A Blood Moon occurs whenever there is a total lunar eclipse. When the Earth's shadow completely blocks the moon from the sun's light, only a tiny bit of light gets through — this makes the moon appear as a reddish-brown color that resembles blood, hence the name. A lunar eclipse can make anyone feel more emotional than usual, even if you aren't actually seeing the eclipse in the sky (this month's eclipse will not be visible in North America, although we'll still feel its vibes).

The fact that Mercury retrograde begins on July 26 doesn't help matters. Mercury retrograde messes with communication and travel, and can make things feel confusing, upside down, and exhausting. That energy coupled with the extra emotional feelings from the blood moon is going to make it tough to get through the day. Meditation, however, can make things a lot less painful. Below are a few meditations that will help you get through this tumultuous time:

Lunar Eclipse Ascension Meditation has created different audio guided meditations specifically for the July Blood Moon. The first one is an ascension meditation meant to be done at the beginning of the eclipse. The above video is the guided meditation you can do whenever you want (preferably at the beginning of the eclipse, though), and there's a Facebook page for the ascension meditation as well if you're interested in virtual mass meditation. They'll be beginning this one at 7:30 p.m. UTC/3:30 p.m. EST on July 27th.

Meditation For Balance and Peace

At the maximum lunar eclipse on July 27th, is doing this guided meditation for peace and balance. It will be happening at 8:21 p.m. UTC/4:21 p.m. EST for anyone who is interested in doing it as a virtual group.

Full Moon Meditation

If you have a lot of time to dedicate to your meditation, this video, created for the July 27th full blood moon, is 104 minutes long, which is exactly as long as this lunar eclipse holds. This is simply calming music to be used during your own meditation, although the YouTube page does give suggestions for visualizations.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius Meditation

This guided meditation created by Neo Feminine Astrology was made specifically for the full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius. It's a great video for anyone who is just beginning to get into meditation and would prefer to have more of a guide throughout.

Blood Moon Meditation Music

If you don't need an audio guide throughout your meditation, this video offers some beautiful sound and music for one whole hour of meditation. It was created with this Blood Moon in mind.

Full Moon Meditation

If you don't have time to do an hour of meditation, this video offers some great meditation music for about 20 minutes.

Full Moon/Eclipse Meditation

Although this meditation wasn't created with July's lunar eclipse in mind, it was made for a full moon and a partial eclipse. It's an hour worth of some really excellent meditation music to use during your practice.

Guided Meditation

While the videos of meditation music are great, sometimes we need a little bit more direction. This meditation is guided and is less than 20 minutes long, so even those with the busiest schedules can get in on it.

Full Moon Guided Meditation

This short guided meditation will allow you to cleanse your energy, get rid of the things that no longer serve you, and leave you feeling energized and ready for new beginnings.

Full Moon Ritual

This short full moon ritual meditation is a great one to do every single month, whenever there is a full moon. The video encourages you to surround yourself with crystals and candles to really get in the spirit of things.

Set Yourself Free Meditation

If you don't have a lot of time, but you want to do a meditation, this 10-minute option is ideal. It will allow you to get rid of negative energy and make room for positivity and light.