11 Moments Of Bonding Between Barack Obama And Joe Biden Caught On Camera

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As the world prepares to say goodbye to President Obama, it is also preparing to lose the greatest working friendship in recent political history — the bromance between Obama and his vice president Joe Biden. It could be a long time before a POTUS and VPOTUS share the same kind of loving friendship that Obama and Biden have during their time in office, and everyone should feel lucky to have seen these two extraordinary men become best friends for life. These 11 bonding moments between Barack Obama and Joe Biden are a heartwarming collection of all the fun, hard work, and loss they have shared together over the years.

Obama and Biden’s obvious love for each other was more than just a meme, it was a reminder that politicians can be good, wholesome people. People who already supported them because of their ideology may have been predisposed to like them already, but their friendship really made them seem like the kind of guys you trusted to lead the country. They also were such a great role model for male friendships, because their positions of status and power didn’t prevent them from displaying real affection for each other. They love each other deeply and platonically, and let the whole world know it, which isn’t something men are typically allowed to do in modern society. These 11 pictures and videos of Obama and Biden’s bromance are a great example of how to best a confident and supportive best friend, and the country was lucky to have that relationship driving it forward.

When They Bought Lunch For White House Employees

Lord Rothchild on YouTube

During the 2011 federal government shutdown, Obama and Biden took a walk together from the White House to a local restaurant to get some lunch for their employees.

When They Wore Matching Ties For St. Patty's Day

They seriously look like a couple. Just when you thought they couldn't get any more adorable.

When They Hugged At Biden's Son's Funeral

CNN on YouTube

It wasn't all fun and games during their time at POTUS and VPOTUS, but friendships are about the good times and bad.

When They Held Hands In A Meeting

This photo became part of the meme-lash against Donald Trump after the election, but it also showcases Obiden's incredible friendship. Shouts out to confident masculinity.

When Obama Made Sure Biden's Look Was On Fleek

Biden's American flag pin was crooked, so Obama adjusted it like a true pal. Always gotta stay looking sharp.

When They Memed Themselves For Their Wives

letsmove on YouTube

Obama and Biden took a run around the White House to promote Michelle Obama's Let's Move initiative, and took care of each other at the end took. Hydrate or die-drate, right?

When They Smiled At Each Other In A Meeting

Get you a partner who looks at you the way Obama looks at Biden.

When They Made Each Other Friendship Bracelets

BuzzFeedVideo on YouTube

Technically, Obama made both bracelets, but Biden tweeted a picture of them on the president's 55th birthday, so you know he loved them.

When They Took Biden's Very First Instagram Selfie

Complete with the seal of the president in the background. Iconic.

When They Practiced Their Putting Together

Golf is one of Obama's favorite hobbies, and it's always great to be able to share your passions with your friends.

When They Talked About Their Post-White House Plans

The White House on YouTube

Ok, so this video was scripted/staged, but I imagine it's based on how they actually talk about their plans for after office.

Obiden will go down in history as one of the greatest president/vice president pairs ever, and it's incredible that everyone got to experience it. But they're the luckiest ones to have found such a strong friendship.

Image: Alex Wong/Getty Images