What To Watch Next On Netflix If You *Loved* ‘The Princess Switch’


Move over A Christmas Prince, there’s a new royal Netflix Christmas flick in town! The Princess Switch is Netflix’s latest hit holiday romance movie, about a Chicago baker named Stacy, and Margaret, a princess in a fictional foreign land (both Vanessa Hudgens), who fatefully meet and switch places, then find true love, just in time for the holidays. But Princess Switch is hardly the only Netflix feel-good holiday movie worth watching this holiday season.

Netflix has a growing list of holiday romance flicks, and they’re not just about royal relationships. There’s a whirlwind romance that blossoms with an unexpected elevator kiss (Merry Kissmas), a holiday love triangle between an old flame and her best friend (Christmas Crush), an advent calendar that predicts the future and brings love (The Holiday Calendar), and even a dogwalking romance (A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale).

They may not have the clout behind them that Hollywood flicks do. But they’re low-budget, enjoyable movies that’ll make you wish you had your own Christmas romance — and that you don't have to leave your house to see.

Before Netflix’s hit holiday flicks, Lifetime ruled the Christmas romance market, but now Netflix’s selection (originals and otherwise) is proving to be stiff competition. There are so many movies available to stream now, you’ll be set until next Christmas comes along.


'A Christmas Prince'

Before the switch came the prince. Chances are you've already watched this one, but if you haven't, it's time to do so. And if you already have, it wouldn't hurt to watch it again a second (or 18th) time.


'Christmas Inheritance'

Ellen might not be a royal, but she's a heiress who unexpectedly finds love while trapped in a small town during snowstorm right before Christmas.


'A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale'

Luce Lockhart not only finds love for the holidays but also goes through major growth when she faces the decision to help protect a dog park from her rich employer's plans of building a salon.


'Christmas Wedding Planner'

Wedding planner Kelsey's goal of creating the perfect wedding for her cousin is threatened by the arrival of a swoon-worthy private investigator who has some dirt on the groom that could halt their nuptials. But this chaos also brings romance to Kelsey's life.


'Merry Kissmass'

Kayla's stuck in a bad relationship, but she shares a fateful kiss with Sebastian in an elevator. After they've begun their whirlwind romance, her ex-boyfriend promises to have changed his ways and wants her back. Kayla has to choose between her new Christmas romance and her not-so-great ex.


'Christmas Crush' a.k.a. 'Holiday High School Reunion'

Georgia's high school reunion happens to be right before Christmas and she decides it's the perfect time to find herself a holiday boyfriend by winning back her high school sweetheart. But she finds out her best friend (Mean Girls' Jonathan Bennett) also has feelings for her and has to choose between the two.


'The Holiday Calendar'

Vampire Diaries alum Kat Graham stars as Abby, a photographer who inherits an antique Advent calendar that predicts her future — including her love life.


'Love Actually'

You can't go wrong with the ultimate classic Christmas romance flick!


'Dear Santa'

Crystal is a spoiled 30-year-old who still lives off her wealthy parents' money, but she decides to change her ways when she finds a letter to Santa from a girl asking to get her father a new wife for Christmas. She then sets out to win the heart of the dad and find her own happy holiday ending.


'A Holiday Engagement'

After her fiancé dumps her right before the holidays, Hillary hires an actor to pose as her fiancé.


'Christmas With A View'

Clara finds love with her new boss, who also happens to be a celebrity chef. Besides being set for life when it comes to delicious meals, she also finds romance just in time for Christmas.

With all these great movies to watch, you'll be entertained throughout the whole holiday season.