13 New Christmas Movies Coming To Bring You Holiday Cheer On TV & Netflix This Week


Christmas is just under a month away, and the holiday spirit is in full swing. Stores are playing Christmas music, and decorated fir trees are everywhere, but most importantly, it's the time of year when feel-good holiday movies are on virtually every channel. The Christmas movies on TV and Netflix this week include some must-see options, so get ready to set your DVR and mark your calendars now.

As for how to watch all of the upcoming movies, there are a few ways to stream them even if you don't have cable. The Lifetime Movie Club lets you watch all of the channel's original movies for $3.99 a month. (If you're really feeling festive, there's also a seven-day free trial available. So you could theoretically binge a ton of Christmas movies within that week long period.) And if you do have a cable TV login, you can watch Lifetime's Christmas movies online, too, as well as in the Lifetime app. Hallmark's Christmas movies, meanwhile, are available to stream on the Hallmark Channel Everywhere website and app, as long as you have a cable login.

And while this week is full of plenty of new holiday movies, it's worth pointing out that there are some options that are already available, too. For example, Netflix has already released The Holiday Calendar, The Christmas Chronicles, and, of course, The Princess Switch. So whatever mood you're in, there's probably a holiday movie out there to suit your tastes.


'Jingle Belle' (Lifetime, Nov. 25)

Jingle Belle, starring Tatyana Ali, premiered on Lifetime on Sunday, Nov. 25. Ali's character, Belle, returns to her hometown for the holidays to help write a song for their Christmas concert. What she doesn't know, though, is that the show's director is her ex, Michael (played by Cornelius Smith Jr. from Scandal).


'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding' (Netflix, Nov. 30)

The long-awaited sequel to Netflix's A Christmas Prince hits the streaming service on Friday. Based on the trailer, it looks like Amber and King Richard do tie the knot. But Amber first has to do some soul-searching about what she'll be changing about her own life when she officially becomes a royal.


'Angela's Christmas' (Netflix, Nov. 30)

If your family includes some younger kids, they might enjoy enjoy Netflix's adaptation of Frank McCourt's children's book. Based on the trailer, it looks like Angela wants to make sure her town's statue of baby Jesus is nice and swaddled, but some people think she's stealing the figure. Expect plenty of heartwarming moments to ensue.


'A Very Nutty Christmas' (Lifetime, Nov. 30)

Melissa Joan Hart is no stranger to holiday TV movies, and her upcoming Lifetime movie looks perfect for Christmas movie lovers. In this one, a nutcracker figurine, played by Barry Watson, comes to life. It looks like he and Hart's character may spark some holiday romance, too.


'A Twist Of Christmas' (Lifetime, Dec. 1)

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A Twist of Christmas, which stars Vanessa Lachey and Brendon Zub, hits Lifetime on Saturday, Dec. 1. The two of them will play single parents whose paths cross when they accidentally swap bags at a store ahead of Christmas. It sounds like the two characters will save their families' holidays and spark some romance along the way.


'Mingle All The Way' (Hallmark, Dec. 1)

Mingle All the Way is both the title of this Hallmark movie and the name of a networking app within the movie. Based on the movie's summary, it sounds like two busy professionals decide to be each other's "dates" for holiday events after meeting on the app, but they eventually start falling for each other for real.


'Christmas Wonderland' (Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, Dec. 1)

Emily Osment and Ryan Rottman star in this romantic comedy about an art gallery curator, Heidi, who goes back to her small town for the holiday season. After reconnecting with her high school sweetheart, it sounds like Heidi might reconsider her big-city life in favor of moving back home.


'Love For Christmas' (Lifetime, Dec. 1)

Shantel VanSanten and Rob Mayes star in Love for Christmas, which premieres on Lifetime on Saturday, Dec. 1. Based on the trailer, it looks like Mayes' character is back in his hometown after several years away. And he reconnects with VanSanten's character, a childhood friend who just might become more than that by the time the holidays are over.


'A Majestic Christmas' (Hallmark, Dec. 2)

In A Majestic Christmas, Jerrika Hinton plays an architect who, like so many holiday movie characters before her, returns to her hometown for the first time in far too long. In this case, Hinton's character is there to redesign a historic theater. But the theater's owner, played by Christian Vincent, isn't so keen on the idea. It sounds like hijinks — and some good old-fashioned holiday romance — will ensue.


'The Christmas Pact' (Lifetime, Dec. 2)

Kyla Pratt and Jarod Joseph star in this Lifetime movie as two adults who had the tradition of making a holiday pact when they were childhood friends. Now that they're adults, their holiday wishes might veer more toward the romance category. Young friends becoming more-than-friends is a trope that extends even beyond the holidays, so this sounds like a must-watch.


'A Star For Christmas' (Lifetime, Dec. 2)

A Star for Christmas features a ton of rom-com and holiday movie tropes, which means it's a perfect Christmas movie already. Cassie is a cupcake store owner who falls for a customer who comes into her shop. But he's a famous actor, so there are plenty of complications along the way.


'Life Size 2' (Freeform, Dec. 2)

After what probably feels like years of waiting for fans, Life Size 2 is finally coming to Freeform on Sunday, Dec. 2. Get ready to "shine bright, shine far" while watching this one.


'My Christmas Prince' (Hallmark, Dec. 3)

Imagine dating someone you thought just happened to have a British accent only to find out they're a legit prince. That's the premise of this Hallmark movie, which doesn't seem to have been inspired by A Christmas Prince at all. Nope, definitely not.

If you can't get enough of romantic holiday movies, there are more than enough to keep you feeling all the cozy vibes this season. So hunker down with some hot cocoa and sugar cookies — this week is looking up already.