11 Netflix Films For Black People Who Need To Unwind & Find Some Joy

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The events of the last two weeks have left Black people in the UK and around the world tired, scared, and anxious. Yet It’s also been a somewhat hopeful time to dream of real change. For many Black people, finding time to switch off and foster meaningful self-care can be a challenge when we are still dealing with a pandemic, lost in news cycles, and feeling the pressure to do more, learn more, and look after our community.

But the truth is we need breaks and moments of self-preservation times like this, when we are witnessing Black people dying and facing police brutality. And the recent events are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the long history of global racism and anti-blackness.

So, it's okay for us to check out of the news for a while, go for a walk, or find something to help you decompress after a long day of discussion, work, social media scrolling, or protesting. Taking time for to look after you, being kind to yourself, and finding a moment to rest is critical right now.

Our pain, fear, and anger are totally valid, but if you want a break and a moment to feel joy or zone out here are 11 Netflix films for you.


'The Lovebirds'

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The Lovebirds is a hilarious new comedy starring Insecure’s Issa Rae and Academy Award nominee Kumail Nanjiani. A freshly broken up couple are on the run after being framed from for a crime. It’s silly humour and unexpected twists will have you in stitches.

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'The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind'

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This British drama was written and starring Chiwetel Ejiofor follows the heart-warming story of a 13-year-old boy who is on a mission to build a windmill to save his community from famine.

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'Support The Girls'

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Lisa played by Regina Hall manages a roadside “hooters” style restaurant, and she takes all the young women who work with her under her wing. It's an easy watching, mumblecore indie flick also starring the New York rapper JunglePussy

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'About Last Night'

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Who doesn’t love a corny rom-com? When two people meet on a night out and a spontaneous hook up ensues, nobody would expects them to end up finding a deep connection. And with the two main characters flanked by best friends who also fall for each other, what’s not to love about this film?

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'The Incredible Jessica James'

Millenial New Yorker and playwright Jessica is going through the motions of a fresh breakup. She soon meets divorced app designer Boone played by Chris O’Dowd and the two strike up an unlikely bond. It's an easy, lighthearted watch.

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Based on her best-selling autobiography of the same name, we get to follow Americas first black first lady and find out what life was like in the White House and how she has inspired a generation of black women and girls.

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Nothing helps boost spirits quite like watching Beychella. Queen B brings HBCUs into centre stage and we get to see some of her personal struggles and family life.

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'Mo Gilligan: Momentum'

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Watching comedian Mo Gilligan’s career grow from Instagram video fame to a Netflix special has been great to see. And his first special on the streaming platform will have you cackling.

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Ever wanted to see Beyoncé in a fight scene and married to Idris Elba? Well, look no further! Obsessed is the somewhat surreal thriller (but kind of funny) about an office temp who ends up trying to destroy a family.

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Elijah goes against his father’s hopes when he decided he doesn't want to work at the family’s barbeque business and instead pursues a career as a master sommelier. Who doesn’t love a food-based film?

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A remake of the classic musical, this is Annie for the 21st century. Jamie Fox takes up the role of My Warbucks and the talented Quvenzhané Wallis plays Annie. Get ready to sing along to The Sun Will Come Uut Tomorrow, as well as a few new songs flung in for good measure.

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