11 New Year’s Eve Desserts You Can Make With CHAMPAGNE

Now that it is time to welcome a new year, champagne is probably on your mind. After all, a celebration doesn't seem complete without it, and New Year's Eve is no exception. And while you can't go wrong with a classic glass of bubbly, why not add New Year's Eve dessert recipes made with champagne to the mix? It's another way to savor this classy drink, especially if you're hosting a holiday party or have a sweet tooth that won't quit. In fact, champagne is such a huge part of New Year's Eve that Dec. 31 is also National Champagne Day.

Don't let the idea of making desserts with champagne intimidate you, though. Many of these recipes aren't any different than your average baked treat, and often, all you need is a small amount of champagne. The only catch? You'll be left with a bottle of bubbly to kill, so make sure you have someone to help you out. It's the perfect excuse to throw a baking party with your BFF.

To top things off, make a few champagne cocktail recipes and whip up New Year's Eve decor with old holiday supplies. Seriously, you'd be surprised at how versatile old wrapping paper and tinsel can be. And once you roll out these champagne desserts, you'll be on the way to the ultimate New Year's bash.


Fresh-Squeezed Mimosa Cupcakes

When it comes to classic cocktails, nothing beats a simple mimosa. How can you say no to orange juice plus champagne? And thanks to this recipe by Sally's Baking Addiction, you can enjoy the popular combo in the form of delicious cupcakes. It's an excellent reason to use edible glitter, too.


Mimosa Truffles

Take the fancy factor up a notch with Brown Eyed Baker's mimosa truffle recipe. The best part is that it only calls for four ingredients, so you won't even need to spend a fortune. Score.


Pink Champagne Poke Cake

If you've never had poke cake, you're seriously missing out, my friend. This delicious version at The Kitchen is not only spiked with champagne, but boasts wells of strawberry jello and champagne-infused buttercream as well. Also, it's pink. Are you drooling yet?


Baked Brown Butter Champagne Doughnuts

There is just too much goodness in this recipe by Joy The Baker. To start, the batter involves nutmeg, browned butter, and champagne, which is then baked instead of fried. The frosting, which is also infused with champagne, is embellished with dehydrated strawberries and gold sprinkles. It's a party guest's dream come true.


Rosé Champagne Mini Cupcakes

It's no secret that Rosé is having a moment right now. And if you're here for it, this recipe by A Beautiful Mess has your name written all over it. Plus, the batter involves yogurt, so you can be sure that these adorable cupcakes will be delightfully soft.


Chocolate Dipped Mini Champagne Marshmallows With Blood Orange Sugar

If you're feeling extra, make a batch of champagne-infused marshmallows from scratch. It sounds intimidating, but it's not — How Sweet Eats has an excellent step-by-step breakdown. The recipe also involves chocolate and blood orange sugar, so it's obviously worth a shot.


Potato Chip Salted Champagne Caramels

Are you a fan of salty and sweet treats? If you're basically drooling at the thought, check out this caramel recipe by How Sweet Eats. The caramel is made from scratch and is infused with champagne. It's also topped off with potato chips and metallic sprinkles, or in other words, the best of both worlds.


Strawberries & Champagne Galette

For a sophisticated twist on the average cake, make yourself a galette, a French dessert. Between the chocolate crust and strawberry and champagne jam, something tells me this will be a hit with your guests. Learn how to make it with A Beautiful Mess.


Strawberry Champagne Jello Shots

A holiday party is never complete without jello shots. For a champagne version, check out this easy version by Budget Bytes. Serving the jello as cubes also skips the need for disposable plastic cups.


Naked Cake With Champagne Buttercream Frosting

Naked cakes are all the rage these days. How can you not swoon at the delicious minimalist design? But that doesn't mean it needs to be boring, of course. This particular recipe at eHow has the a light layer of champagne frosting, making it ideal for people who like to keep things simple.


Caramel Apple Galette with Champagne Whipped Cream

There's just something so fancy shmancy about galette plus champagne. In this caramel apple version by Domestic Fits, the champagne is the highlight of the whipped cream. You can even add a dollop to other recipes, too.