11 Of The Best Fiction Books Coming Out In April 2017

It's a new month — and you know what that means: a brand new batch of books to get excited about! This April, prepare to get showered with some great new fiction reads, because, let's be real: spring is the perfect time to jump into a new world or a new perspective.

Each book on this list has its own unique thing to offer, and so many of these books have wonderfully unexpected elements: superpowers, archaeology, Neaderthals, books-within-books, horses, and internet obsessions all have their part to play in this month's reading. Imagination is certainly in high supply, but I'm especially amazed at the brilliant storytelling and vivid characters that these authors have all delivered. Oh, and did I mention that so many of these books are debuts? If you're looking for a fresh new voice, you're certainly going to want to add these authors to your TBR list.

There's so much to get pumped about in this month's reading. So grab your lucky bookmark, hit up your favorite bookstore, and dive in to these seriously incredible reads coming in April 2017: