11 Oscar-Nominated True Crime Movies To See ASAP

Crime movies always have a way of keeping us on pins and needles while we attempt to discover the culprits and iron out the plot, but when they're true crime films, there's an extra layer of intensity. By now, you've probably seen more than your share of murder mysteries and psych thrillers all about crime, but have you been privy to the best of the best? There are several Oscar-nominated true crime movies to see if you haven't gotten around to them yet, and you're going to want to check these out ASAP.

Some of these acclaimed movies are pretty accurate in their retelling of real crimes while others take some liberties, but either way, they are all interesting and give an inside look at some seriously fascinating crimes. And, as said, they've all been nominated for Oscars, so you know they're definitely worth checking out and passing along to all your crime buff friends.

As you watch these films, you may find yourself even more curious than you were before about all sorts of crime, and wanting to share these stories with everyone you know so that you won't be alone in your true crime movie obsession. And hey, nothing's stopping you.

1. 'Dead Man Walking'

Akhtar Rind on YouTube

Sister Helen Prejean forms a relationship with someone who's on death row.

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2. 'I Want To Live!'

felixxxx999 on YouTube

Barbara is perpetual offender who tries to finally do the right thing before being sentenced to death row.

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3. 'Milk'

ciwciwdotcom on YouTube

Milk tells the powerful story of Harvey Milk, an LGBT activist and politician who was tragically murdered, along with San Francisco's mayor.

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4. 'Boys Don't Cry'

Anna Bee on YouTube

A transgender man leaves his hometown after being threatened out.

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5. 'Goodfellas'

Movieclips Trailer Vault on YouTube

This classic film tells the story of a young man who makes his way in a thriving mob but faces his own drug addiction.

6. 'The Big Short'

Paramount Pictures on YouTube

A slew of home loans are on their way to defaulting on Wall Street.

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7. 'Reversal Of Fortune'

PlasmaKong2 on YouTube

This is a classic noir, following the harrowing story of a family tragedy.

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8. 'In Cold Blood'

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on YouTube

A true story about the Clutter Family's brutal murder.

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9. 'The French Connection'

20th Century Fox on YouTube

An untapped drug ring is investigated by two determined detectives in this acclaimed movie.

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10. 'OJ: Made In America'

John Marcus on YouTube

This documentary provides an inside look at the O.J. Simpson trial.

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11. 'Monster'

WorleyClarence on YouTube

A sex worker gets revenge on her clients.

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These films should both capture your attention and thoroughly creep you out.